Julia Roberts allegedly worries about the upcoming memoir of her former boyfriend, Matthew Perry. A tabloid claimed the A-list star is now "sweating bullets" over the explosive revelations the "Friends Star" will possibly reveal about their relationship.

Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry were once a thing after the former made a guest appearance on the latter's hit sitcom "Friends." From there, they brought their on-screen romance off-screen privately, though they quietly ended things between them in 1996.

New Idea claimed that the "Pretty Woman" star didn't want anyone to find out what happened to her and the American-Canadian actor behind closed doors during their relationship. So now that he's working on a memoir, she's reportedly afraid of what he may spill.

A dubious source claimed the 54-year-old worries about how much information her ex is about to reveal. Hence, she wants to see an advance copy of the book, just like Jennifer Aniston.

The questionable insider added that Daniel Moder's wife is "notoriously protective" of her personal life. In fact, it's the very reason behind her decision to keep her and Matthew Perry's romance private.

Allegedly, Julia Roberts was "devastated" after their split, so she would rather not relive those painful memories. The tipster continued that they had secrets between them from the time and mistakes he had made.

That said, the one thing she didn't want to be portrayed as was a "sad, heartbroken nurse." However, Gossip Cop has slammed this malicious reporting, questioning its knowledge about the "Notting Hill" lead's fear.

Though no one knows what she really feels, the publication stresses that she will surely not tell anyone that she's afraid of Matthew Perry's memoir and what it will entail about their past relationship. If she does, it will just make her look like she's trying to hide something.

As the insider claimed that there's a reason why she and the comedian chose to keep their romance private, the so-called source might have already spilled this secret if they only knew. But as the tipster only talked about her fears, the magazine might only be creating a drama to have something to talk about.

Meanwhile, in February, Matthew Perry gave fans a good look at the title and front cover of his upcoming memoir, "Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing," in a post on Twitter. In the caption, he said so many things had been written about him in the past.

So, he believed that time had come for people to hear it from him. He teased he would reveal the highs and the lowest low of his life, but he had lived to tell the tale and it would all be there in the book.