The remarkable piece by F. Scott Fitzgerald is regarded as one of the greatest novels ever written. You need to check out this novel if you're looking to start an informative club discussion. It's a fascinating read.

Its plot line is interesting but still focuses significant attention on each character. It piques the reader's interest and leaves them wanting more.

Why Every Student Should Read the Great Gatsby
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Why Every Student Should Read the Great Gatsby

The piece tells the story of a Yale graduate and a war veteran known as Nick Carraway. He accepts a job offer as a bond salesman in New York and starts living on Long Island. His neighbor Jay Gatsby is incredibly wealthy and is known for hosting lavish parties, and has a mysterious past. Despite all this, he only cares about Daisy Buchanan, who is married to another person.

Gatsby is a Classic

Millions of readers love Fitzgerald's works. Most classrooms require learners to be acquainted with their books while in school, meaning you have to read Gatsby's novel. Someone has probably already told you the publication is a timeless piece. It gives a timeless insight into human nature and is one of the most exciting novels to read and compose essays in a literature class.

The book's introduction is one of the most exciting parts. It's the finest-written and most eloquent intros. The storybook has everything, whether you're looking for awesome quotes or a storyline that shows if you need to be upset if you are not rich.

If you're worried that the title might not meet your expectations, you can check reviews and essays online before you begin reading. Finishing a novel takes time, and most learners might want to know whether an item is worth their effort. Also, some people would want extra explanation. For this, many essay examples for the Great Gatsby can give readers an analysis report on what to expect. These essays can provide an informative analysis of the piece and explain the synopsis, each character, and their role in the storyline.

The Great Gatsby Contains Some of The Most Extravagant Quotes in History

You will find some of the most memorable quotes in this novel that you can use in many situations. Here are some of them.

"I hope she'll be a fool. That's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool" -Daisy Buchanan.

"So, we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past".

These are some of the many riddled quotes in the piece.

Apart from being a fabulous American novel, it is still relevant to modern readers. Many university professors and literary critics often wonder why it maintains its essence after all those years. The Great Gatsby should be among your to-read titles. It has deep wisdom and ideas in the plot and many lectures. There's always a new angle and perspective whenever taught or critiqued.

Some of the novel's lines are a masterpiece; you can still see them making rounds on several Pinterest boards and Tumblr blogs. Although this piece might not have characters, you would like to model your lifestyle after. We feel that most humans can still learn something from this copy.

Money Doesn't Equal Happiness

You can't buy happiness no matter how much wealth you have. The piece is an excellent example of someone trying the most to prove this wrong. Jay is a wealthy man, but no matter how good he's living, he cannot get the thing he wants.

If you want a successful career, even a position that doesn't have a huge salary, grab it. You'll earn a lot when you become an expert in your area. When you're young, finding a company that will give you good skills and helps you gain experience even if you're not earning much is wise. It shows how humans are different in private than they are in the public.

When he hosts numerous celebrations, Jay appears like a generous person who loves everyone. Although some believe it, several are suspicious of him. The person he is in private is different from the person in public.

Don't Try to Be Something You're Not

The cautionary tale sends this clear message throughout the masterpiece. It would be amazing if you never tried to be someone you're not. We can see it in the main character. He gets himself in trouble which leads to an early death. His extravagant festivities every night to win back his former partner is a risky path that leads to him dying.

His situation is an excellent example for individuals who intend to start big in everything. Don't expect a company to send a response to your email address immediately after you apply for a lucrative post. Always be yourself, clear your strengths, and don't lie that you have no weaknesses when filling the required fields. Use the cancel reply feature if you have started applying for a post you cannot handle successfully. If you're not honest, expect troubles in the future.

Re-examine the Great American Dream

The American dream has made most young individuals believe that they can buy anything at the right price and by working hard. However, this is not always the case. Knowing what you can and can't achieve using this method is one of the most vital life lessons for young people, especially in the modern era.

The title offers introspection and a method to determine the weaknesses in yourself and the best techniques to solve them.

Jay is a perfect example of how human nature stays the same. The party attendees in the title represent many of us today. The gangsters and bankers are the same as property boomers and financiers in the 90s or 2000s. If Jay were alive today, his functions would be sponsored and televised. Everyone would want to be associated with him.

Final Thoughts

After explaining the boundaries and breakthroughs by this title, no one can doubt that it's one of the most famous stories of several generations. The essay appeals to students for many reasons, making it an extraordinary tale. It is highly relatable to every adult and young person. When you analyze each character, you can find a bit of yourself.

Before enjoying this publication, most individuals might think it's overrated because of the hype and many positive reviews-however, it is an incredible work of art. You'll enjoy everything from the drama, characters, the language, the setting, and of course, the main character.