Loab is a computer-generated image of a woman who has been frightening internet users with her skeletal looks and recurrently spooky scenarios. Loab was created by an AI. Even while AI-generated art can be a little unsettling, it is downright disturbing to repeatedly encounter the same image in obscene settings.

She is the "creation" of a Twitter user, musician, and AI art tinkerer Supercomposite, who found Loab by mistake while playing around with an unnamed AI art generator. A further prompt was tried using these letters, and we get Loab, the deathly lady, the eerie ghost in the machine, and a digital demon.

Initially, the negative prompt "Brando::-1" was used with the intention of creating art that was the opposite of Marlon Brando; this resulted in a logo with the letters "DIGITA PNTICS."

On the surface, this doesn't seem all that strange, but every time Supercomposite told the AI to paint Loab, the AI produced paintings with ever-more morbid themes, including Loab surrounded by bloody corpses, severed heads, and unsettling bleeding dolls. Overall, people are really alarmed by it.

Since AI-generated art is the result of an algorithm fusing together random but related images into one scene under the control of a specific aesthetic or verbalization, it is frequently odd and frightening. You can already view some of the most bizarre AI artwork from DALL-E 2, but as more people experiment, we're sure to see stranger stuff.

What Loab explains to us is how humans have a tendency to read meaning into pictures and works of art that aren't actually there. Slenderman was perhaps the first online meme mythology, as indicated in the introduction.

Slenderman was invented in 2009 by Eric Knudsen utilizing primitive Photoshop alteration techniques and observing folklore in various online communities. He quickly evolved from a lighthearted joke into a viral adversary for the internet era.

Slenderman is represented as a slender, impossibly tall humanoid with a featureless head and face, wearing a black suit. The Slender Man is frequently depicted in stories as stalking, kidnapping, or frightening individuals, particularly children.

Because AI-producing art is more diabolical than anything, Loab is on her way to overthrowing Slenderman.

At the moment, it's unclear whose AI generator Supercomposite uses. They explained to CNET that they did not want to "not want to advertise" the AI tool and did not want to "start some kind of viral trend of people making gory stuff with the tools I've used."