Asa and Denji finally meet, but the former has no idea that the man in front of her is the real Chainsaw Man. With that said, will Asa know Denji's real identity in "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 105?

Asa and Denji's first meeting was quite hilarious, seeing the high school girl call the protagonist a "loser." However, though Denji keeps his profile low, he badly wants to reveal his real identity to attract some girls. So, will this happen in "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 105?

The manga has been going smoothly as of late, not featuring any fights or intense turn of events. It's mostly focusing on featuring character developments, though fans have learned why Yoru hates Chainsaw Man.

This hate seems to be within herself, considering having a tantrum is so not her. Will she change as the series continues?

Meanwhile, Epic Dope noted that Asa and Denji might develop a friendship in "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 105 since she doesn't know his real identity. If this happens, the second part's run will be proven interesting.

Denji is desperate to let the world know who he really is. He may even try to unveil his true self, though Hirofumi will surely stop him. He's doing everything he can for Denji not to do it.

Recent Highlights added it would be huge chaos if Denji managed to let the world know his true personality, so Hirofumi has no plans to let him do that. He's even willing to use force to stop Denji from doing so if necessary.

However, Asa may soon learn of Denji's real identity. Thankfully, Asa now has a "neutral opinion" about Chainsaw Man. With that said, the organization is maybe trying to use him for its own benefit.

Elsewhere, War Devil may craft a plan to get new weapons soon. So, this just means the peace may not last long, and an intense battle may quickly begin.

War Devil had been in a fight with Chainsaw Man, but the latter always stood up for himself despite being killed several times. As a result, War Devil got defeated.

It's why no war happened after the World War ended. Chainsaw Man ate a part of her body after her defeat, making her grow weaker, resulting in war and terror subside.

Will War Devil and Chainsaw Man end up working together? Find out when "Chainsaw Man" Chapter 105 drops on Tuesday, September 27.