Operation Strix will continue in "Spy X Family" Chapter 67-3. This means Loid can't rest yet after managing to avoid facing serious problems in the previous installment.

"Spy X Family" Chapter 67-3 may change its perspectives again after the hospital situation has been resolved.

Following the conclusion of the hospital subplot, the Forger family, especially Anya, will try her best to prove herself useful to her father, Loid, SportsKeeda noted. With that said, they can now focus on completing Operation Strix.

Anya may continue her mission to get an invite from Damian to be at his house. The small Esper sees this as the only way to help her father before he finds Yori more useful than her.

If this happens, there will be a lot of hilarious moments featuring Anya as she does everything to be invited to the Donovans' house in "Spy X Family" Chapter 67-3. Anyhow, there may also be a consequence for this.

If Anya becomes very persistent, she may end up frustrating Damian, doubting her real intention as to why she badly wants to be at his home. Damian may think nothing but greed is behind this.

Meanwhile, "Spy X Family" Chapter 67.2 saw two people from the security service coming to arrest a man from the report, per The Anime Daily. The boss took them to Loid, revealing how he saw them wandering around the record rooms.

They then handcuffed the man and took him out of the office. Instead of thinking about what he did, Loid was more worried about the embarrassment this had caused when his colleagues learned about this ordeal.

Anyhow, he didn't let himself be behind bars and pulled out one of his best tricks. He asked the security people to question the man who reported him.

Considering he was the one who was called into question, he took back the report. The chapter ended with little Anya getting angry at her papa, knowing he couldn't keep up friendships.

In "Spy X Family" Chapter 67-1, Loid's superior, Dr. Gorey, called for the agents to accuse him of being a spy just because he was jealous of him. However, Franky blocked his call after he disguised himself as one of the SSS agents.

Thanks to Fiona, who was also disguised as the second agent, Franky turned the tables and made Gorey the real culprit, giving Agent Twilight the chance to save his boss. This helped Gorey to change how he viewed Loid, who was already out of danger of being discovered.

"Spy X Family" Chapter 67-3 will be out on Monday, September 19.