After the revelation of Shinichiro's time travel status, "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 270 may delve further into the manga's origins. The manga's future now depends on how Ken Wakui will handle this particular storyline.

Fans will surely be surprised to see the original timeline's shocking events, whether through Shinichiro or Mikey's point of view. By the looks of it, no one knows what will happen next in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 270, making it a must-see.

Mikey's dead brother managed to change the timeline. Fans have been speculating that someone has the ability to travel back in time, like Hanma or Sanzu, per Epic Dope.

This recent revelation questions whether Takemichi's regret over his past is because of Shinichiro's actions in the first timeline. With this latest turn of events, fans will surely wait and see what will happen next.

It looks like creator Ken Wakui is trying to show how this "whole time-leaping thing" began. With that said, fans may soon see who pushed Takemichi on the railway tracks in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 270.

Readers may also learn the origin of the time-leaping ability. Mikey has been in a vegetative state for years, which many meant he was never meant to be a delinquent.

So, Shinichiro may use his time-leaping ability to prevent this from happening. But as the change in timeline causes a butterfly effect, Mikey always ends up meeting a tragic end.

If not him, another will suffer this tragic fate. Hinata always dies in all of the timelines, regardless of the changes. Hence, there may be a clear explanation about this coming in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 270 or the future chapters.

Meanwhile, "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 269 featured returning to the original timeline with the young Shinichiro as Black Dragon's first-gen leader, per Otaku's Notes. Shinichiro was then seen taking Mikey to the group's disbandment after graduating, handing the gang to the juniors.

Mikey wanted to be even better than his big brother. Shinichiro went to his father's grave and promised to look after Emma, Mikey, and grandpa.

While working at his shop, he suddenly got a call from grandpa. He rushed to the hospital only to see Mikey fighting for his life after falling on the stairs while playing with Sanzu and others.

Mikey didn't want to let them play with the airplane he gave him, making Shinichiro feel guilty. Mikey was in a vegetative state. After four years, Mikey remained in that condition after seeing Shinichiro pushing his wheelchair.

What happens next can be seen when "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 270 drops on Wednesday, September 21.