Fans of the long-running "Grand Theft Auto" franchise, and the video gaming community, in general, were shocked as a massive leak showing tons of footage from "GTA 6" were revealed over the weekend.

Are the clips authentic? Should fans be worried that the upcoming installment will be delayed again? Read on for more details.

A certain hacker who uses the handle teapotuberhacker posted in GTAForums on Sept. 20 that he has tons of footage from "GTA 6" which is still in development. The hacker also claimed to have accessed the game's source code.

The hacker, per GameSpot, claimed that these were taken from Rockstar Games' internal slack, and wanted the game developer and Take-Two Interactive to "negotiate a deal" with regards to the said leak.

The massive leak included 90 clips, which totaled to almost an hour's worth of alleged gameplay from the highly-anticipated game. Now, are these clips valid, and should fans worry?

The clips showed a lot of proof that they are indeed from the game, which is still in development. Some details coincide with a report from Bloomberg that was made earlier this year.

The news outlet said that the game will take place in Vice City and that the player will be given control of two characters: a man and a woman. The videos in the said massive leak showed these to be true.

For one, there's a playable man and woman, supposedly named "Jason" and "Lucia," respectively. Players will be controlling these two characters as they go on their activities: Bonnie and Clyde.

The footage also showed other interesting details not present in "GTA 5" and other "GTA" installments.

First, the footage showed that the characters were able to crouch, go prone, and move while in both positions. This is interesting as crouching, in "GTA 5," can only be done by hiding behind the cover of an object with a low profile, and it was impossible to go prone in the game as well.

Further, the footage also showed that the characters have the ability to pick up bodies and presumably move them elsewhere to hide them. These actions hint that players can use the element of stealth as they go about their missions and tasks.

Red Dead Inventory?

The footage also showed that "GTA 6" introduces new features previously not found in the "GTA" series.

The leak showed that "GTA 6" could have the same inventory system as that of "Red Dead Redemption 2," wherein players will only be able to carry a limited number of weapons and things. These weapons will be strapped to the characters' bodies when they are not in use.

This means that in "GTA 6," players will be forced to carefully pick and choose the things they will carry and the things that they'll leave behind, adding a strategic element to the "GTA" gameplay.

In addition to this, the footage also showed that "GTA 6" might be applying the same contextual menus that "RDR2" had when players pointed a gun at Non-Player Characters (NPCs).

For example, when players point a gun at an NPC, they'd be given the option to rob the NPC, restrain them, attack them melee, or surrender to them.

The leak revealed many other things, but since the game is not yet ready for release, players are urged to wait for it with the same excitement before the leak happened.

Is the leak true?

Rockstar recently confirmed that indeed the massive leak was true and that it was the result of a "network intrusion." Nevertheless, the game developer said it will by no means negatively affect the game's development.

Rockstar added that it would reveal the game once it is ready for the big reveal.