The conflict Asta and the rest of the gang face will continue in "Black Clover" Chapter 339 and may even last for a while. However, a brief training arc will begin, and fans may again see the protagonist's character development as he trains to defeat Lucius.

Asta may undergo training with Ichika. However, it may take a little convincing as the Ryuzen Seven is not fond of men like him. So, will Asta convince Ichika to train him in "Black Clover" Chapter 339?

Epic Dope noted that the next chapter might also reveal how Ryuga had become a shogun. He doesn't have magic like Asta and tells the robbers he has no Yoryoku, though he has saved several individuals.

Elsewhere, Asta may ask Ryudo about his life. The next chapter is a must-see as things are getting pretty intense in the series.

Asta will surely return for a final confrontation with Lucius, and "Black Clover" Chapter 339 may reveal how he will prepare for it.

Meanwhile, "Black Clover" Chapter 338 saw Asta remembering when he, Yuno, and his big sister ate together, per OtakuKart News. This greatly affected him after his sister became the villain for peace.

He also watched two siblings enjoying their bond. He then turned angry when the rebels attacked innocent people.

Asta asked Ryu and others to run, and the eye-patched guy helped teleport them. The bandits wondered who the guy was, and the mysterious man revealed he had no Yoryuko.

Ryu interfered and fought the bandits, but one of them underestimated the skinny girl. As they attacked her all at once, she used black magic and smashed them with the palm technique.

The enemies ended up on the wall and lost their weapons. Asta noticed Ryu grew a hundred folds. Everyone cheered for Ryu, making them realize they couldn't expect from the Ryzen Seven.

Asta noticed Yami's katana, thinking if it was what he expected. The citizens then called Ryu Lady Yam, and Asta realized that she was "Y...," though he didn't have the chance to finish his sentence.

Ryu grabbed Asta by his face and told him not to talk to her. The mysterious eye-patched guy revealed that Ryu was Yami's sister, and everyone called her Ryuzen Seven.

He then told Asta that if he wanted to be stronger, he should ask Ryu to train him. So, would it happen? Find out when "Black Clover" Chapter 339 drops on Sunday, October 2, after a one-week break.