Shueisha has finally revealed the release of the much-awaited continuation of "Hunter x Hunter." After several teases here and there, Yoshihiro Togashi will drop volume 37 this fall.

"Hunter x Hunter" has returned to serialization after four years, thanks to Togashi's hard work. Despite his health issues, he still finds time to continue the story of the much-loved protagonist Gon Freecs.

The creator has been updating fans about the series on his new Twitter account. In fact, one of Weekly Shonen Jump's issues in May revealed the mangaka's confirmation that he had already finished the rough draft for the 10 chapters and its seven manuscripts.

Since then, he has continued posting updates on his Twitter page about each issue's progress. However, there are no words yet on when these new chapters will be out. But fans assume it may drop in December, starting the series' serialization again, knowing the volume will be released on November 4, per SportsKeeda.

"Hunter x Hunter" currently has 10 chapters from 381 to 390, which are yet to be published in a compiled volume. Hence, there are theories that these 10 issues will be the only part of the upcoming volume, and the latest chapters may be published at a later date.

All this happened despite Togashi's health issues. Recently, he revealed the impact of his back problems on his personal life and career.

So, though his work continues for the upcoming "Hunter x Hunter," he is yet to give an official announcement about the manga's return to the syndicated page. In July, he confirmed the news that he could not sit in a chair in a message for his upcoming exhibitions, per Crunchyroll.

He even asked everyone to take good care of their backs. In addition, he revealed in a tweet that his symptoms had never improved over the years, and he had to spend "a great deal of time" in treatment and recovery to overcome this health problem.

He even explained how worse his condition got, revealing he had to take a shower every time he had to take a crap because he could not get into the right position to wipe his behind. Compared to others who could do it in no time, it took him three to five minutes more-longer than usual.

Fans who want to catch up with "Hunter x Hunter" story can read the previously published 36 volumes on Viz, which localized the manga in print and digital formats.