Fans finally get their first look at "Jujutsu Kaisen" Season 2. The franchise has started a countdown for the next major update to hype up the series more.

After the first season's ending, a film was announced instead of the second season. However, "Jujutsu Kaisen" Season 2" coming was finally revealed. The second season will follow the manga's timeline, beginning the arc that tells Gojo's past, followed by the bloody Shibuya Incident.

Details about the anime's second outing remain scarce, but that's about to change soon after the countdown. The anime drops a good look at the second season, with a glimpse of Gojo's Past arc.

So, what else are fans about to see? Comicbook noted that there would be some major updates for the next installment as TOHO Animation is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The studio will mark this special event with important updates about "Jujutsu Kaisen" Season 2 on Sunday, September 25. The countdown will end at 7:55 p.m. on the said day.

The newly-released key visual also confirms the adaptation of Gojo's past. SportsKeeda revealed this part of the story received mixed reactions from fans, who wanted to see the animation of the Shibuya Incident quickly.

The series' creator Gege Akutami is known for being the master of "strategic pacing and structuring of storylines." Hence, he may have a good reason for adapting Gojo's Past arc before the Shibuya Incident.

The manga's Star Plasma Vessel focuses on Gojo's time as a student at Tokyo Jujutsu High and explores his relationship with Geto, the movie and the first season's antagonist. In Gojo's Past arc, he will be unlocking the full extent of his power, which helps him become the strongest sorcerer of this generation, resulting in the flight of Geto from the jujutsu sorcerers' world.

This will show how big of a threat Gojo is to the cursed spirits, who want to resurrect Sukuna, which will start the Gold Age of Curses. "Jujutsu Kaisen" Season 2 will also explore Gojo's psyche and the events behind his motivation to become the strongest sorcerer of all time.

After saving Riko from being assassinated by Toji Zenin, he now knows his weakness, swearing that everyone under his protection will never have to suffer the same fate again. Losing Riko makes Gojo obsessed with rescuing teenagers like Yuta and Yuji.

It also influences him to look for Megumi after Toji's death stops him from being sold to the Zenin clan. The introduction of Toji shows him as a "lethal force of nature."

Maki has the same Heavenly Restriction as Toji, but viewers will not know Maki's true potential without seeing the fight between Toji and Gojo.

Gojo's Past arc mostly focuses on Geto, building hype on his importance in the series' storyline. With his death in the movie, fans may be confused why he's still alive in the first season. Viewers may get to know more about this when "Jujutsu Kaisen" Season 2 drops.