In less than a couple of weeks, fans will finally see the premiere of "My Hero Academia" Season 6. The franchise's official website,, and Twitter page officially announced the sixth season's release date, along with a new thrilling poster, hinting at what may come.

A new radio program called "My Villain Academia Radio Villain Biiki" was also announced to alternate with "All Might Japan." With these preparations, are fans ready to see "My Hero Academia" Season 6?

TOHO Animation is hard at work to hype up the release of the new season to entice the viewers some more. Three compilation teasers also drop on the studio's YouTube channel, featuring the hero students, pro-heroes, and villains.

Though the teasers show the same old clips, it shows Daiki Yamashita and Kouki C, Deku and Shigaraki's voice actors, announcing the sixth season's broadcasting details. Fans and viewers have a reason to celebrate as there will be a Japanese broadcast and international simulcast.


"My Hero Academia" Season 6 will be seen on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video, among others. Airing times on these platforms will be at 18:00 JST, 30 minutes after the TV's release. Unfortunately, all details aren't cleared this time, though full information about this may be out soon, SportsKeeda noted.

In addition, the website also reveals the complimentary program "My Villain Academia Radio Villain Biiki," hosted by Uchiyama and Hiro Shimono, Dabi's voice actor, starting on Friday, October 14. It can be seen at 17:30 JST and will alternate with All Might Japan.

The show will be aired once every four days. Meanwhile, a new poster featuring Dabi and Shigaraki has been released to commemorate the announcement.

The villains fans love to hate are seen in their latest costumes, hyping up "My Hero Academia" Season 6 more, per Comicbook. Shigaraki looks regal in his red cape, wearing a black suit with armor underneath. Dabi, alternatively, looks the same with his dark trench coat and white shirt.

His scars still look raw, and Dabi will surely use his wounds to their limit to make the heroes appear. These two major villains will be back on the battlefield to face Deku and the rest of the gang in what they call an all-out war.

Hawks has already infiltrated the League to know more about the Paranormal Liberation Army, and the heroes are all prepared to start the big battle.

"My Hero Academia" Season 6 will premiere on Saturday, October 1, at 5:30 p.m. JST on Yomiuri TV and Nippon TV in Japan. It can also be simulcast on Crunchyroll with a delay of about 30 minutes after the TV broadcast.