Eiichiro Oda may be planning to drop a major revelation in "One Piece" Chapter 1061 after featuring "huge and important" events in the previous chapter. As it has seemed to change the series' flow, no one knows what will happen next in the manga.

Jewelry Bonney is back and has a big bounty on her head. This may mean that she may join the Straw Hat Pirates as the group continues their adventure in "One Piece" Chapter 1061.

Epic Dope noted that Luffy's crew has no idea who this girl is. They don't know her identity, but things may change soon when she becomes a part of their team.

Elsewhere, Sabo is no longer connected to the Revolutionary Army, while the kingdom of Lulusia is now "completely obliterated." It is still a big mystery if Sabo made it out alive or if he had already met his demise.

Though many assume he makes it, it remains to be seen if he really survives. With this intense turn of events, fans are now looking forward to seeing "One Piece" Chapter 1061.

Meanwhile, talking about the spoilers, trusted sources, like Redon and Yonkou, started dropping hints about the upcoming chapter, including the possible appearance of Urouge alongside Bonney, per SportsKeeda.

The assumption comes from a tweet that features an angel and a girl emojis. However, some believe it only refers to Bonney, revealing she is in Sky Island. The emojis may also represent the Lunarians, hinting that Bonney is either one of them or a Lunarian herself.

Another hint comes from Yonkou, warning fans to "expect the unexpected." So, what does this mean?

Some theorize that it may have something to do with Urouge's appearance or a big reveal about Bonney's lineage and backstory in "One Piece" Chapter 1061. The latter seems fuelled by a hint from Redon, who shares a GIF of two men dancing in a room with a strobe light flashing.

Fans translate the flashing light into a flashback; the only character they see who may feature in this storyline is Bonney. However, this part of the story does not need to be about her youth, origin, or how she ends up with the Straw Hat Pirates.

It may tell about Reverie and Kuma instead of her character and origins. This assumption makes sense, as Reverie's events have been seen in the previous chapters.

So, fans must wait and see what will happen next in "One Piece" Chapter 1061 when it drops on Sunday, September 25.