Google is gearing up to launch its new smartphones, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, and has released an interesting video to reveal when it will be taking pre-orders for the devices.

In a YouTube video that Android Authority called "bizarre," Google handed the Pixel 7 Pro over to a few people to ask what they think about the new device.

The people in the video, obviously coming from different nationalities as evidenced by their varied languages and accents, were excited about the new device. All of them expressed excitement about it, with some calling it "sexy" and some even asking Google if they can take it home with them already.

What's interesting about the video, and what made it "bizarre" as per Android Authority, is the fact that Google decided to pixelate the device in the entire video when it has already revealed renders of the smartphone months ago in May.

Google does remove the pixelation at the end of the video to show off the Pixel 7 Pro in all its glory. But there's more than that: at the bottom of the said device is some text saying "Pre-order starting October 6, 2022."

The tech giant is scheduled to hold a hardware event, where it will unveil the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, on Oct. 6 this year. The company, known for its habit of starting pre-orders after holding events, appears to be doing the same thing this year.

More devices

Aside from the new smartphones, Google also hinted in the YouTube video that it will be releasing a new wearable to go with the handsets. The new Pixel Watch, which has a round body and is expected to have a slew of watch bands to be made available for it, will also be revealed during the hardware event.

Earlier reports reveal that according to retail sources, Google's new Pixel Watch will come in two models and will sell starting at $349.99 per piece.

There will be two models: a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth model and an LTE model. Each respective model will come in varying colorways, but will basically come in Black, Silver and Gold cases. There will also be a variety of watch bands to come in the future, as it appears that Google is working on a slew of them, likely to compete with other big names in the smartwatch game.

Aside from the new Pixel Watch, Google is also expected to reveal new smart home devices as well as a cheaper Chromecast and a new Nest Wifi Pro.