The raw scans of "One Punch Man" Chapter 171 have finally dropped, revealing the return of Overgrown Rover. However, the six-eyed dog monster now has a different form, and he will not be alone.

Black Sperm will also appear in "One Punch Man" Chapter 171. After surviving his battle against Metal Bat, the humanoid monster may take vengeance.

The latest installment will begin with a group of new A-class heroes making their way to Saitama's apartment. They try to intimidate him by acting confident and mocking him. However, King opens the door instead, making the kids shake with just one look, SportsKeeda noted.

The scene then shifts to the rubble of the Z-City, where Black Sperm hides among the rocks. He looks distressed as Pig God looks for surviving monsters around the debris in "One Punch Man" Chapter 171.

A helicopter then emerges, asking him to return to the hospital. Pig God refuses, so A, the 35th A-class hero, appears.

He mocks Pig God, saying "their status and hubris" cause them to lose against Garou. He then challenges Pig God to a fight, but Evil Natural Water intervenes by shooting a stream of water at Air and puncturing his neck.

Pig God absorbs the villain's remains, causing him severe internal damage. However, he asks the Hero Association workers to help Air first in "One Punch Man" Chapter 171.

Black Sperm takes advantage of the commotion to escape. Just when he thinks he's safe, Saitama appears. Genos then notices a movement in the rocks and catches a mysterious being, a small and weakened Rover.

Black Sperm thinks the heroes will kill Rover, so he runs away. But, the heroes don't harm him, and Black Sperm ends up approaching Saitama looking for shelter.

Meanwhile, "One Punch Man" Chapter 170 saw Garou ask Bang if he could arrange his fight against some heroes and if he could take all of them in order, per Dual Shockers. This would help him awaken without the monsterization process.

Sitch then read Bang's resignation and told Sekinger his decision to be Garou's guardian. Bang also wanted the association to meet Garou, but Sitch worried that the other heroes would refuse.

Garou and Bang continued to talk. Bang asked Garou if he liked someone, to which the latter revealed the woman he was eyeing was the actress who played Gau Yellow in Gauranger.

Saitama and Genos were then seen in an unknown place with someone keeping an eye on them. "One Punch Man" Chapter 171 will be out on Thursday, September 22.