BTS's V and BLACKPINK's Jennie's photo leaker, Gurumi Haribo, is at it again, but this time, he leaked a snap of Jisoo. As the leaker has mysteriously accessed the female idols' personal pictures, netizens now suspect that he may be a YG employee or has a connection to anyone working in the company.

Gurumi is continuously posting private photos of some of the BLACKPINK members. To make matters worse, he shared an unseen snap of Jisoo in Paris with a caption stressing everything he said was true.

To prove his claim is real, the leaker asked Jisoo to upload the same unseen photo he shared on Telegram. Later, a similar snap was seen on her Instagram.

After that incident, netizens believed a YG employee was either sharing BLACKPINK's photos with Gurumi, he himself works in the company, or he had hacked an employee's social media. Probably, they have no idea about it yet.

However, there are theories that Jisoo's picture in Paris may have been a press photo from a huge media agency that had been accidentally released before she managed to post it. But, the image didn't look official and seemed to be taken on someone's phone.

Nothing also came up after a reverse picture search was done, and no other agencies had posted the same image before it was leaked and Jisoo posted it. It just means that the picture originally belongs to Jisoo, and the leaker has successfully gotten its hand on it.

So, when Jisoo shared it, it seemed to confirm that Gurumi had accessed her phone or the person who took a photograph. It isn't the first time the leaker leaked a photo of a BLACKPINK member aside from Jennie.

For starters, the user shared photos of Jisoo and Lisa earlier this month, though fans doubted their legitimacy due to their low quality. However, the images released from Jisoo's recent trip to Japan seemed to confirm it was real after she was seen wearing the same outfit as the leaked photo.

This made fans worry again, thinking Gurumi already had access to the group's accounts. Sadly, though Gurumi's Twitter page has been suspended several times, his Telegram remains active.

He has been sharing images of BLACKPINK members to a group with more than 45,000 members. That said, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose's fans are continuously asking their agency, YG Entertainment, to investigate the matter and protect the girls.