Fans are about to witness another intense turn of events with Amado's return and Eida's visit to Konoha in "Boruto" Chapter 74. Everybody knows Kara's former Inner is a dangerous man, and he is about to bring more danger in the village by bringing a few bad people with him.

Also, Team 7 has another dangerous mission that involves some of the most hazardous characters in the series. From the looks of it, the younger generation now has bigger responsibilities that will continue in "Boruto" Chapter 74.

 A lot may happen in Konoha when the new chapter drops. It may mostly focus on Eida's arrival at Konohagakure and the interaction that will take place between Eida and Kawaki.

The upcoming installment may also show how Shikamaru will handle Team 7's sensitive mission. Fans may also see the negotiations Eida will hold about their place's safety in "Boruto" Chapter 74.

Meanwhile, "Boruto" Chapter 73 saw Shikamaru quickly summoning a mission only Team 7 could handle, though it wasn't what he expected. Eida prompted the call for the group.

Amado's negotiations with Eida and Daemon were a success. However, Konohagukure still had one problem: two of the most dangerous characters in the series were coming.

One of them had a crush on Kawaki and wanted to know if they could build a relationship. This made Team 7 confused during the mission briefing.

Shikamaru then told Sarada that he chose Boruto and Kawaki for their surveillance mission because of their Otsutsutkis that could prevent Eida from enchanting them. Sasuke's Rinnegan abilities had been a topic of heated debate for so long following the destruction of Momoshiki's Rinnegan.

Naruto and Sasuke discussed Team 7's mission. The latter used his Rinnegan abilities to listen to what Momoshiki had to say when he talked to Boruto for the first time.

This just confirmed Momoshiki's presence in this chapter. It could also be asserted that Sasuke's Rinnegan abilities were still there-it wasn't lost because of the incident.

The remnants of Sasuke's Rinnegan chakra might be the reason behind he was still able to continuously use some of his Ramegan abilities. However, the manga didn't tackle the possibility of it.

In fact, the manga was yet to reveal all of Boruto's abilities. So, it might be interesting to see his strength without one of the strongest eyes he had.

"Boruto" Chapter 73 will be out on Thursday, October 20.