After Mikey and Takemichi time leaped, "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 278 will travel into the future, 11 years after the Tokyo Manji Gang disbanded. This will be the last time fans will see Takemichi and the gang as creator Ken Wakui's manga is about to bid goodbye.

"Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 278 will serve as the final chapter of the series. So, will it have a proper ending?

Takemichi and Mikey have finally saved everyone. The former has now fulfilled his mission.

Fans will see a glimpse of the future as a major time jump is about to happen. They will witness how everyone is doing 11 years after the Tokyo Manji Gang disbanded, and at that time, Takemichi is probably married to Hinata.

Draken and Emma may have also ended up together, and everyone's life has finally been settled. They have jobs and families, giving the series the happy ending it needs in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 278.

Despite everything that has happened, they all deserve happiness, especially Takemichi. At this moment, he has suffered a lot, determined to save everyone.

He has also sacrificed everything to do what he must. Now, he finally succeeds.

Meanwhile, "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 277 saw Mikey make a major revelation after Takemichi died. He cried a lot and wished that Takemichi would live again.

He was then brought back to the past and met Takemichi. The latter opened his mouth while running, yelling what everything meant.

He said he felt Mikey's tears on his face. The two ran in each street they knew, wondering what had happened and questioning if it was a miracle that they both knew the future.

Mikey asked Takemichi, but he, too, had no idea. They later arrived at the top of the tallest building and rested.

Mikey held Takemichi's hand and felt something. The latter believed he was transferring his powers to Mikey.

They then shook hands and traveled back in time. Mikey promised to help Takemichi, thinking they would get their revenge.

The two then joined other boys and discussed starting a gang. Takemichi brought in Kisaki Tetta. Sanzu, Shinichiro, Baji, Kazutora, Emma, Mucho, Izana, Kakucho, and the three Shiba siblings, Coco and Inupi, formed Tokyo Manji Gang.

They donned the uniform fans had already seen, and Mikey declared they would save everyone. They then talked about their group's details.

Later, Takemichi and Mikey went to the same spot, which made them feel at peace. "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 278 will drop on Tuesday, November 15.