This year, the country has been grappling with record-high inflation rates, but the South may be seeing some of the sharpest increases. Due to this, several local governments have decided to provide stimulus payments to citizens through 2022; some of these payments are already in progress.

Many people are suffering as a 40-year high inflation rate causes havoc across the nation and the Fed considers raising interest rates this week. The majority of American households which cited a Moody's survey have $445 more in monthly expenses than they had at this time last year.

The geographic region that encompasses portions of Texas, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma witnessed some of the greatest price increases throughout the summer (about 9.9%), according to Pew Research Center, which sourced data from the Consumer Price Index. That contrasts with the about 8% national rise for things like gas, food, lodging, and utilities. Tampa really recorded 11.3% cost increases.

As part of the Hope Florida: A Pathway to Prosperity program, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis attempted to counteract the effects of inflation with a stimulus package. Checks were offered totaling $450 for each child to about 59,000 families, but most payments were completed by that date. Georgia also returned surplus funds from the state budget to its citizens over the summer, giving single tax filers $250 each and married couples $500.

Forbes claims that by August, the majority of those cheques had been distributed. Still, stimulus payments are still being given out in two Southern states.

Virginia: State Tax Rebates

There are still some persons who will receive their checks for $250 per person or $500 for couples filing jointly, despite the fact that the majority of payments have already been distributed to Virginia residents.

Around 3.2 million residents will receive payments through the end of the year, especially those receiving paper checks or who filed their state income taxes in September or later. More details on the procedure are available on the website of the Virginia Department of Taxation.

South Carolina: State Tax Rebates

Residents of South Carolina will begin receiving a sizable amount of their personal state income taxes later this month and into December. Depending on how much the single person or a married couple filing jointly spent out of pocket, payout amounts could reach $800. Anyone who paid less than $800 overall (about 33% of residents) will be given a complete refund. No refund will be given to residents of the state who paid no state income taxes.

In order to make it simple for those who are due money to submit the necessary paperwork, the IRS sent letters to those who were eligible and is keeping their FreeFile platform online through Nov. 17. It's possible that the recovery rebate credit claim itself is worth $1,400.