More than a year after "Attack on Titan" manga ended, Hajime Isayama addressed the controversies as he made his way to the U.S. The creator is well aware of fans' reaction to the series' end, with many complaining about how he concluded Eren's story.

Isayama will be attending Anime NYC, and he's now preparing to face a lot of fans, afraid that he may feel their wrath. With the issues surrounding "Attack on Titan," the creator wants them not to be overly critical of him.

In a statement, via Comicbook, the manga artist revealed that his brainchild was "heavily influenced by Hollywood movies, TV shows, and American culture." Hence, he's excited to meet the U.S. fans and be in a place he dreams of visiting.

He then admitted that he was aware of the controversy surrounding the series' ending and is open to people's honest opinions about it. But he had one request; he stated he would appreciate it if they would be kind to him.

For starters, fans complained about the major deaths at the end of "Attack on Titan" manga. The protagonist himself, Eren, died at the hands of her best friend/lover, Mikasa, who was forced to kill him to save humanity.

As one of the most loved characters, his death affected many, with some expecting he would redeem himself at the end. Others also complained about its "brutal violence and fascist rhetoric."

The manga's last arc also featured two major conflicts in Paradise. The first one was led by Eren, who wanted to destroy the world, using Colossal Titan's power to save the island.

The other one was led by Hanji, who opposed Eren's actions and had her own plans to save Paradise. From there, a civil war broke out in "Attack on Titan."

Despite Eren's ability to stop his enemies, he didn't do so. Hanji's team made the cut and won almost every fight.

Twenty percent of the world was saved from Rumbling, but things still didn't end well for Paradise. Although everything was fine in the end, it didn't last long, and Paradise got destroyed as the world didn't forget what Eren did.

Fans complained that they didn't see any moral in the "Attack on Titan" end, wasting all of Eren's efforts to save Paradise with his death. Hence, many expect the upcoming final part of the series' anime will change everything when it drops in May 2023.