"One Piece" Episode 1040, titled "The Pride of a Helmsman? The Enraged Jimbei!" will see the fight between Jinbe and Who's Who. It looks like Who's Who is taking things personally, while Jinbe is ready to fight for his captain, Luffy, after officially joining his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates.

Who's Who and Luffy had a connection through the Gum-Gum Fruit. But Jinbe will not let anything happen to his captain and crew, so he's ready to take the fight against Who's Who to another level in "One Piece" Episode 1040.

Aside from the two's battle, viewers may also see various Gifters throughout Onigashima continuously betraying the Animal Kingdom Pirates due to the effect of Otama's Devil Fruit. It helps to dramatically turn the tide of the battle with the coming of the first wave of traitors.

This may continue until rebel alliance forces are already on even ground with the Animal Kingdom Pirates. Elsewhere, fans may also witness the fight between Yamato and Kaido.

Sadly, there may be no update about Luffy in "One Piece" Episode 1040. Creator Eiichiro Oda is maybe trying to wrap up the other fights in the series before he focuses on Luffy's return.

Luffy will be gone for a while until the current conflicts have been resolved.

Meanwhile, "One Piece" Episode 1039 saw everyone who ate Kobi Dango start a fight against the Animal Pirates. The Gifters, too, began to side with Otama.

This turn of events surprised Jinbe, Franky, and all the samurai, but they just went along. Queen realized Otama was behind this, so he prepared to fire a huge beam at her.

Sanji kicked Queen on the head to stop him, and the latter transformed into his Man-Beast form. Sanji asked Chopper about Zoro's health but found him shrank down due to the rumble balls.

Chopper didn't mind what happened and turned toward Zoro. Miyagi suggested a medication that could heal all wounds, though it might make him suffer twice as much. Zoro was willing to take the drug to fight again.

Elsewhere, some pirates ran after Itama while Nami stopped to protect her. Daifugo then showed up and poisoned the pirates.

Horselina also arrived and told Otama to ride on her back. Gazelle ran up to the two and told Otama he found Komachiyo.

In addition, Jinbe and Who's Who continued their fight, and the former noticed his enemy's fighting style was like World Government. He then recalled a CP9 intelligence agent prisoner who escaped the prison, and Who's Who confirmed he was that guy.

Fans will continue to see their fight when "One Piece" Episode 1040 drops on Saturday, November 12.