"Boruto" Chapter 75, "The Realm of God/God's Domain," spoilers are now out, and it teases the origins of Daemon and Eida and the coming of a new villain. Fans will finally know where Eida gets her charming ability, while Amado will reveal how Amado modified the siblings.

Aside from the upcoming shocking revelations, an Otsutsuki God will also be introduced. By the looks of it, a lot is about to happen in "Boruto" Chapter 75.

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Eida's ability to attract people and omnipotence is believed to be connected to her heritage. Now, in the new chapter's raw scans, Amado confesses that the two were created using the DNA of the Otsutsuki God, Shibai.

Shibai has an impressive look, with two horns, a Rinnegan on his forehead, and a Byakugan right eye. However, the rest of his facial features are hidden.

Now, the question "Boruto" Chapter 75 has to answer is, how does Amado get Shibai's DNA? There are theories Jigen provided him with the Otsutsuki's DNA, which might possess the same ability as Eida.

The new chapter may also reveal what an Otsutsuki God really is, seeing all of them are immortal and have a godly title. The God Tree in the background of the leaked panel suggests that Shibai has become powerful over the years by growing several God Trees on different planets and harvesting chakra fruits.

This may mean Shibai is older than Kaguya, Isshiki, or Momoshiki. He, too, is maybe the one who ordered planting the God Tree on Earth to harvest it himself and become a real god.

Elsewhere, Amado will tell Naruto and Shikamaru about Daemon and Eida's other abilities, like seeing the past and present in "Boruto" Chapter 75. Daemon, too, has an attack reflection, meaning everything they do to him will happen to them.

He will tell Naruto about Shibai, while Delta suddenly appears in front of Mitsuki and Sarada to meet Eida. Sumire rushes forward to the two and puts Delta to sleep.

It will be then revealed that Amado felt desperate when his daughter, Akebi, died, so he created a clone-Delta. He transfers his child's consciousness and memory into her, though it fails.

Isshiki then enters the scene and tells Amado he can revive his daughter. Amado wants Kawaki to give the clone karma, calling it a divine power, to let him transfer Akebi's memories and consciousness to Delta.

He will tell them everything about his daughter's death in "Boruto" Chapter 75, but Shikamaru will ask Eida to look into the past to know if it's true, and it is. Hence, the new chapter will explore the past and the present when it drops on Sunday, November 20.