Song Joong Ki's new JTBC K-drama, "Reborn Rich," has officially begun and is receiving positive reviews and good ratings as early as now. Aside from Song Hye Kyo's former husband, the kid who plays the younger Jin Do Joon, Kim Kang Hoon, is also earning praise.

"Reborn Rich" premiered on November 18 and has dropped three episodes. Everyone is already showing great talents, but Song Joong Ki's younger actor, Kim Kang Hoon, is getting everyone's attention.

In the second episode of the series, Yoo Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki) was already reborn into a young Jin Do Joon after being shot. After what happened, the protagonist was still in deep shock after becoming the youngest son of Jin Yang Cheol (Lee Sung Min), Sunyang Group's first chairman.

Later, the kid had to attend his dad's birthday party when he saw Jin Young Ki (Yoon Je-Moon) and Jin Sung Joon (Kim Nam-Hee) stealing something from his father. Jin Do Joon warned Jin Do Joon not to say anything about it, stressing that he's the Sunyang Group heir and that people would believe what he said.

Jin Do Joon was unbothered, angering Jin Sung Joon. The latter was about to punch the child when the adults arrived. He framed the kid instead for the broken vase.

Jin Do Joon didn't have anything of it and revealed what Jin Sung Joon did. A heated argument ensued between the two, and fans had nothing but good words for Kim Kang Hoon for his great acting seen in "Reborn Rich."

The child perfectly depicted Song Joong Ki's character despite his young age. The teen star is just 13 years old but has already played notable roles on the small screen.

He effortlessly imitates the lead actor's proud attitude and sharp gaze. He also receives commendations for being able to portray even the smallest details of Song Joong Ki's traits, from his speech tone to his bows to his unique way of speaking.

Meanwhile, on its third episode, "Reborn Rich" successfully achieved double-digit ratings. Nielsen Korea revealed, via Soompi, that the series' latest broadcast topped its time slot with an average nationwide rating of 10.8 percent, tallying a new personal record for the drama since it started.

The show also became the most-watched drama in its time slot among the key demographic of viewers ages 20 to 49, from whom it got an average rating of 5.0 percent.

"Reborn Rich" airs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.