The upcoming "Mob Psycho" Season 3 Episode 9 will begin the series' final arc from the creator One's hit manga series. The anime's studio, Bones, even created a trailer-like video to tease what's to come in the last few episodes.

The clip shows how the much-loved protagonist, Mob, will be at the center of all the chaos. By the looks of it, "Mob Psycho" Season 3 Episode 9 will begin to tie up the series' loose ends.

In the clip, several characters can be seen calling out Mob. This makes the teenage esper seemingly lose his mind due to the stress' significant impact, as fans have never seen before.

Hence, he enters his stress-released state after his stress level reaches 100 percent for some obvious reason. Apart from hearing the many characters calling his name, shots of crushed ground and explosions are also featured.

It then shifts to the fight between Mob and Hanezawa in the forest. The protagonist bravely approaches and throws the enemy.

Mob then unleashes a curious smile in front of a black background while various quick transitions begin in the "Mob Psycho" Season 3 final arc preview. Ritsu, Hanezawa, and Reigen appear while a hand tries to reach out, and more scenes of stress-released Mob are revealed.

In the last few sequences, Ritsu seems to yell at Mob to stop what he's doing. It looks like the final episodes will be more intense, judging by its trailer.

Meanwhile, "Mob Psycho" Season 3 Episode 9 preview hints at the nearing end of time as the final arc begins. As the series makes its way to the finale, it will first deal with Mob's crush on Tsubomi.

The third-year student will try his best to fight his feelings for Tsubomi, but it seems too strong that he can't handle it anymore. Tsubomi will be leaving their school Salt Middle and transferring to another.

This just means it may be the last time the two will be together, so Mob needs to do something about it. Will he manage to confess his feelings?

Aside from Mob and Tsubomi, fans will also see other relationships the series have established to get their respective and much-needed closures. Surely, the final arc will address these storylines sooner or later, starting with Mob and Tsubomi.

Fans have already bid goodbye to the Occult club. So, more major characters will soon be saying their farewells.

"Mob Psycho" Season 3 Episode 9 drops on Sunday, October 4.