Hyun Bin has reportedly returned to South Korea after his wife, Son Ye Jin, gave birth to their first child on Sunday, November 27. The actor was in Mongolia, filming his upcoming movie "Harbin."

Hyun Bin is now with his family and looking after Son Ye Jin after giving birth to their son. According to reports, the actor wasn't there when the "Thirty-Nine" star was in labor.

The 40-year-old actress was due to give birth in December, but she delivered her baby earlier than expected. There were reports that her husband wasn't by her side then, as he was busy filming his new movie in Mongolia.

"The crew of director Woo Min Ho's 'Harbin' is currently immersed in filming," a source said, via AllKpop. "Hyun Bin is working tirelessly to carry the weight of the film's title role."

A film industry official, alternatively, revealed that the film's production had already finished on November 26, so the actor had the chance to return to South Korea immediately. Now, the two are together with their new baby.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin's agencies, VAST Entertainment and MSTeam, confirmed that the latter already gave birth, and the mother and child are both in good condition. The couple tied the knot in March and announced in June that they were already expecting their first child.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Korea's Nation's First Love revealed new life had arrived for them, and it was still hard for her to believe the news herself. However, the evident changes to her body were enough to tell her that she was indeed having a baby.

Elsewhere, in the promotion of Hyun Bin's recent movie, "Confidential Assignment 2" in September, he admitted he still couldn't believe that he would soon be a father, though he knew he had to live a better life from then on.

He called Son Ye Jin's pregnancy a "huge blessing," so he patiently awaited with "good expectations.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin reportedly finished filming his new movie "Harbin," a spy action film set during the 1990s in the said capital of China's northernmost province Heilongjiang. It will feature the life of the independence activist and the Lieutenant General of the Korean Army, Ahn Jung Geun (Hyun Bin), along with his fellow militants who bravely fight for their homeland.

Aside from Hyun Bin, "Harbin" will also feature Lee Dong Wook and Jeon Yeo Bee. There are no words on when the movie will officially be released.