Ever wonder what BLACKPINK's Jennie carries in her bag? In an interview with ELLE Magazine, the female idol revealed the one thing she always brings that will surely surprise fans.

BLACKPINK has continuously shown the world their great talents and sound through their "Born Pink" world tour. As each girl has their own time to shine, Jennie has been stunning fans with her incredible skills, making fans more interested in her.

In a video posted on the publication's official YouTube channel, the 26-year-old revealed some details about her life in English. The clip showed that her favorite comfort food is Nurungji or scorched rice, the crunchy crust of the slightly browned rice at the bottom of the cooking pot.

This meal has become a traditional snack in Korea that people often eat. It's one of the commonest things that can be found in Jennie's suitcase everywhere she goes.

She always brings one, so she can eat it while traveling or at work. "So, I have it in my bag pretty much every day," she stated.

Elsewhere, Jennie shared the best industry advice that she had just recently heard. It was about being fine to slow down and take her time. She then revealed that her fellow BLACKPINK members, Lisa, Jisoo, Rose, and her mom, are her biggest cheerleaders who have always supported her in anything she does.

Meanwhile, on her cover for ELLE Korea magazine, the hitmaker revealed her attitude and mentality of enjoying the stage were the aspects of performing she was born with. She admitted to getting nervous whenever she stood on the stage, but once she was there, she focused solely on her performance and enjoyed the energy.

The interviewer then described Jennie's performance style as "swag" and "glamorous," though the artist herself wanted her to be seen as "passionate" and "professional" instead. She said it was her intention to show a "cool image" of herself more than ever, and she had been working really hard to do that.

But Jennie would feel more grateful if people would see her as the words she described when they watched her perform.

Meanwhile, fans are about to see Jennie acting on the small screen for the first time in HBO's upcoming new series "The Idol" and called it a "challenge" as she had to "adjust to a new environment." The singer-rapper will work with some of the most famous Hollywood stars, like The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, Troye Sivan, and more.