Song Hye Kyo's upcoming K-drama, "The Glory," now has a release date. The show is about a woman taking her revenge after suffering bullying when she was young. Coincidentally, it has the same revenge theme as her ex, Song Joong Ki's new show, "Reborn Rich."

Song Hye Kyo will play the role of Moon Dong Eun, a former victim of brutal school violence. Now that she has become the elementary school homeroom teacher of her bully's child, she's about to avenge herself from her bullies in "The Glory."

The 41-year-old reunites with the "Descendants of the Sun" writer Kim Eun Sook, who's also behind the hit drama series "Goblin," "Heirs, and "Secret Garden." Ahn Gil Ho, who also helmed "Happiness," "Forest of Secrets," Memories of Alhambra," and "Record of Youth," alternatively, directs the new show.

Lee Do Hyun will join the show as the male lead Joo Yeo Jung. So, to hype fans some more, Netflix has dropped new teasers and posters for the upcoming drama.

Song Hye Kyo can be seen looking enigmatic as she sits alone under an embroidered tree, wearing a long black dress and pairing it with a pair of dark shoes.

"There will be no forgiveness," she says in "The Glory" trailer. "Though, as a result, there will be no glory either."

Meanwhile, the former couple Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki are both busy with their respective careers. The latter also has a new drama, "Reborn Rich," on JTBC.

"Reborn Rich" follows the story of a loyal employee who died at the hands of his own boss after being framed for embezzlement. The actor played two roles here as he was later reincarnated as the youngest son of the chaebol family who killed him.

Now, he plans to exact his revenge on his family, taking over their company and giving justice to his old self.

Evidently, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki's new projects are both revenge dramas. Though it has nothing to do with them or the shows they do, fans can't help but see the similarities between the former couple's new series.

For starters, the two tied the knot in October 2017 and were dubbed the Song-Song couple. Sadly, they filed for divorce a few months after celebrating their second wedding anniversary.

"Reborn Rich" is currently airing on JTBC, while "The Glory" will be out on December 30 on Netflix.