Fans will see the continuation of the fight between the Ryuzen Seven and the Paladins in "Black Clover" Chapter 346. But as the release of the new chapters gets delayed again, readers have to wait for a little longer this time.

It can't be denied that both the Ryuzen and Paladins unleash incredible strength, though the latter group has the unfair advantage. They can heal and recover from their wounds in an instant, so can the Ryuzen defeat the enemies in "Black Clover" Chapter 346?

Fans may see Sister Lily in action this time, as she may finally unleash her full capabilities. The two Paladins and the five-headed dragon will join the fight against the rest of the Ryuzen members.

Yosuga Mushogatake, who claims to be the strongest Ryuzen, may also show his over-excited personality and incredible fighting style this time, which may help Asta overcome his doubts. Asta's full growth, along with the two Ryuzen members, may be on display.

Though Asta is having a hard time, he will surely perfect his Zetten in no time. There are theories that the Ryuzen member Ginnojomorifuyu Kezokaku will face Sister Lily in "Black Clover" Chapter 346.

Knowing Kezokaku is a "sleeping-berserker-type" fighter, her fight against Sister Lily may be on a larger scale, complete with a lot of powerful moves.

Elsewhere, suppose the fight against the other Paladins ends up being a one-on-one match with the Ryuzen members. In that case, the two remaining characters may have difficulty defeating the dragon. Hence, the Ryuzen may try to bring the Paladins down before facing the dragon.

It's also possible that Asta, Fujio Tenmanyashiki, and Yosuga will join the battle in "Black Clover" Chapter 346. Asta has found a "new resolve and fire within him," so he may end up impressing Yosuga, who may declare his training complete and let him join the fight.

Meanwhile, "Black Clover" Chapter 345 started with a flashback, with Ryu telling Ichika and Asta that the enemy had arrived. Asta wanted to join the battle, but Ryu reminded him that his training wasn't complete.

Back to the present timeline, Asta trained with the two Ryuzen members. A member who played the biwa helped heal and boost the fighters' strength.

Asta still doubted himself, so his Zetten couldn't be completed. Hence, he started thinking positively to finally perfect this advanced ki-manipulation technique.

He then thought about Yuno, who might help save Sister Lily, hoping Lucius hadn't defeated him yet. He also recalled how he first became the Grand Magic Knight and continuously grew stronger over time.

The fight against the five Ryuzen members continued. The woman fighter couldn't help but think it would be her end but continuously showed great fighting skills, ending up cutting Sister Lily's horn off.

What happens from here can be seen when "Black Clover" Chapter 346 drops on Christmas Day, Sunday, December 25.