The fight against Shigaraki may finally come to an end in "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 11, reportedly titled "Dabi's Dance." The new episode preview hints at another intense turn of events as the war between the Pro Heroes and League of Villains continues.

Fans have been looking forward to seeing where Deku and Shigaraki's fight will go in "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 11. So, who will come out as the victor between the two?

It remains to be seen who will win between Deku and Shigaraki as their fight finally concludes. Will it be in the heroes' favor or not?

Based on the teaser, Shigaraki will undergo another transformation, with blade-like tendrils coming out of his back as one of his eyes turns red. Does this mean danger for Deku and the rest of the heroes?

Elsewhere, "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 11 will see Shoto preparing for his big fight while Endeavor and Deku are having a hard time getting up. Gigantomachia and the other villains have also reached their leader's location, so Nejire and Ida make their way to Team Endeavor to warn them about the enemies coming.

Iida will escape while carrying an injured Bakugo. From there, the preview's narrator reveals Dabi is about to tell a shocking truth on national TV. There are theories that this revelation may have something to do with his identity, which shocked Hawks during their fight in Episode 4.

This, too, may have a connection to his plan to free a society filled with his so-called "fake heroes." His alleged truth is covered with "personal grudge, bitterness, and hatred."

Meanwhile, "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 10 saw Bakugo blocking Shigaraki's attack to save Deku. An insight into One for All was then revealed.

Shigaraki stopped All for One from coming out and taking over. Deku remained constrained, while Nana Shimura assured him that the previous OFA users would look after him.

Gigantomachia continued his journey and now had two masters. Shigaraki started to decay into the vestige world, letting AFO take control to steal OFA, but Shimura and AFO's brother stopped him.

The first wielder defended Deku, giving the latter the willpower and empowering the previous vestiges that helped break the restraints. AFO could no longer unleash his full potential.

Dabi, Toga, and other villains hitched a ride on Gigantomachia. Toga wanted to confront Uraraka, luring her by disguising herself as a grandma. The episode ended with these two's fight that might continue when "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 11 drops on Saturday, December 10.