After over three years, fans finally get some hope to see "One Punch Man" Season 3. Rumors have it that the anime's new season will soon be in the works under one of Japan's "it" studios, MAPPA.

The news comes from one of the most known anime leakers in the industry, ShonenLeaks. However, MAPPA itself is yet to confirm if it will oversee the animation of "One Punch Man" Season 3, but many hope so.

Like MAPPA, the series' creators are also mum about the alleged new studio for the series' third season. The same thing happened when the second season was announced-no J.C. staff member talked about the news.

However, fans can't help but get excited, knowing MAPPA has some of the best anime series on its resume, like "Attack on Titan," "Chainsaw Man," and more. It's also good to note that with the bland animation of the second season, resulting in a backlash compared to its much-praised debut season; many are clamoring for the anime to have a new studio.

So, will "One Punch Man" Season 3 become a part of MAPPA's catalog? The series has to win back fans, and MAPPA can help it by living up to their expectations when it comes to animation works, especially since the third season will see the fight between Saitama and Garou.

The third season is expected to adapt the manga's volumes 17 to 24, considering each season of the anime featured eight books. In chapters, it's from Chapters 85 to 118.

There are claims that it took years to make the new season because of the lack of source material. "One Punch Man" manga is far from finished, as the author One and the illustrator Yusuke Murata just dropped Volume 27 on November 4.

But as MAPPA is believed to give "One Punch Man" Season 3 the justice it needs after failing fans in the second season, there are talks about its employees being overloaded with work. In fact, instead of celebrating the news, fans sympathize with the studio's animators.

If the anime's third season adds to their workload, they will be left animating one anime after another. There is even a running joke that it has been quite a while since MAPPA employees see their families.

Fans believe that MAPPA employees experience the same situation as Twitter employees, who need to sleep in the headquarters due to their workload. Hence, if they indeed do "One Punch Man" Season 3, it will be another set of loads for them.