A lot is about to happen in "One Piece" Chapter 1072. Amongst the many things fans are about to see, the new chapter will unveil the surprising character who will put Kaku down.

Nami, Usopp, Sanji, and Vegapunk Shaka discuss how Lucci on the Lab Stratum in "One Piece" Chapter 1072. The latter apologizes for the system malfunction, while Usopp believes Zoro and Brook are on the ship, as they will never lose in a two-versus-three fight.

However, Shaka reminds him that this battle is far worse than he thinks, with CP0's four Seraphim. Instead of the two-versus-three fight, it's two against seven as Zoro and Brook have to face some of the World Government's strongest forces.

Usopp curses CP0 for calling some backup; a move Shaka doubts the latter does. He believes Seraphim has something to do with it, which Lucci confirms. Shaka believes the Vegapunks can return the Seraphim to their side.

Vegapunk Lilith and Vegapunk Edison rush outside, saying their "making it in time is being made." Shaka leaves it to them while Sanji muses about Zoro's death before their journey ends, but Nami yells at him to go with them in "One Piece" Chapter 1072.

The scene then shifts to Zoro and Brook, with the latter asking what Kaku is supposed to be, though it doesn't matter as he's about to die anyway. However, Kaku dares Zoro if he can do it.

Zoro asks Brook to look after the ship as he prevents the Awakened Kaku's Armament Haki-infused attack. Kaku has transformed into his Awakened form, which Zoro easily notices.

Kaku launches a Nose Gun Giraffe-Man Gyro at Zoro, who deflects his attack. Lucci asks the Seraphim to destroy the Lab Stratum in "One Piece" Chapter 1072 when Vegapunk arrives.

Nami and Usopp then crash to the ground after the Seraphim launch their attack. Someone then suddenly appears behind Kaku and bites him until he passes out. Lucci sees Stussy standing over Kaku's unconscious body when he looks over.

It's later revealed that Stussy is a MADS clone of the former Rocks Pirates member, Miss Buckingham Stussy.

In "One Piece" Chapter 1071, fans saw the Real Kuma arrive at Red Fort in Red Line. It then revealed Stussy doubting if Lucci would follow Marine's orders.

The CP0 agents blocked the ports and ships around the island while all the Vegapunks prepared to sail the Thousand Sunny.

Edison asked for the help of someone whom Vegapunk called. The Frontier Dome disappeared while the CP0 entered the lab, and Lucci ordered the ship's destruction. What happens from here will be seen when "One Piece" Chapter 1072 drops on Sunday, January 22.