Liden Films has dropped the preview images and official synopsis for "Tokyo Revengers" Season 2 Episode 4. Titled "Family Bonds," it will see Takashi Mitsuya refusing Hakkai Shiba's request to leave the gang.

"Tokyo Revengers" Season 2 Episode 4 will continue where the previous episode left off. It will reveal Hakkai's reason for wanting to leave the group.

Mitsuya has known Hakkai since he was young, so he understands he's afraid of his older brother, Taiju Shiba. However, it's not the reason he sees why he wants to leave Tokyo Manji Gang; he wants to protect his sister, Yuzuha Shiba, from domestic violence.

Hence, Mitsuya has decided to confront the 10th Generation Black Dragon leader Taiju. He knows that if Hakkai joins the said gang, he will kill Taiju, which may result in the worst possible future for Toman.

Takemichi believes he needs something to do about it, so he joins the meeting and meets Mitsuya with Vice-captain and partner Chifuyu Matsuno in "Tokyo Revengers" Season 2 Episode 4.

Meanwhile, the new episode's preview images show the meeting is about to happen, and fans may know more about the Shiba family and their history. Viewers may also see how Mitsuya met Hakkai as a child and how he influenced his life. Hence, the young versions of Taiju, Hakkai, Yuzuha, and Mitsuya may be seen.

Meanwhile, "Tokyo Revengers" Season 2 Episode 3 saw Taikju waiting for Hakkai to follow his orders. Yuzuha chimed in and told him to stop threatening Hakkai, but Taiju hit her, and Takemichi called him out for hitting a woman.

But Taiji just continued to hit Yuzuha. Hakkai begged him to stop and requested to leave Toman so that Takemichi could go.

Takemichi apologized, but Hakkai shunned him, saying he had already made up his mind as he needed to do something in Black Dragon. Takemichi realized Hakkai might kill Taiju, so he had to do something to prevent the future Kazutora warned about.

Takemichi woke up and was surprised to see his friends. He learned Akkun and others had already joined Toman, and they started talking about Black Dragon.

Chifuyu revealed Black Dragon's history, its relation to Toman, and the possible result of Taiju beating up Takemichi. Takemichi wanted to do things independently and later told Chifuyu about his time travel ability and everything that had happened.

Toman's officers then met and discussed what happened with Hakkai and Takemichi. Hakkai wanted to quit Toman, but Takemichi refused, with Mikey leaving the decision to Mitsuya, who also denied Hakkai's request to leave.

What happens from here will be seen when "Tokyo Revengers" Season 2 Episode 4 drops on Sunday, January 29.