"The Glory" Part 2 will be out in about a month, and fans are now casting their different theories on how things will end between Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) and Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon). With only eight episodes left, can Doong Eun exact the revenge she has longed to do?

"The Glory" Part 2 has now become one of the most awaited K-drama series on Netflix after taking its hiatus following the release of its first set of episodes on December 30, leaving fans on a major cliffhanger. Now that the streaming giant has dropped new trailers for the series' second part, fans have pieced together some clues that hint at how the show will end.

A YouTuber analyzed the trailers and guessed that Dong Eun would become Yeon Jin. So, how could that happen?

Fire is seen throughout the drama, and it's once again featured in the trailer. Hence, the netizen believed Dong Eun would use fire to exact her revenge against Yeon Jin.

Dong Eun may end up burning Yeon Jin after the former said, "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," in "The Glory" Part 2 trailer while closely starting at the fire. From there, Dong Eun may take over Yeon Jin's life.

For starters, Yeon Jin and her group of bullies burned Dong Eun's skin with hot hair iron when they were young, leaving her with scars all over her body.

It's also good to note that Song Hye Kyo's character teased in a narration while playing Go that the game is won by "taking territories" her opponent has "carefully built." This seems to allude that she's planning to take possession of everything Yeon Jin has.

Dong Eun also said when she decided she would take her revenge and her dream was Yeon Jin, hinting at her becoming her. So, there's a possibility that she will go under the knife to look like Yeon Jin, completing her revenge by taking over her life in "The Glory" Part 2.

Meanwhile, "The Glory" is another hit series by Kim Eun Sook. It follows the story of a brutal school violence victim, DongEun. After suffering horrific bullying incidents at the hands of her high school classmates, led by Yeon Jin, she swears to take revenge as she makes her way to become the elementary school homeroom teacher of Yeon Jin's daughter.

The trailer released on January 23 featured some scenes from the first and second parts, seeing Dong Eun writing a letter to Yeon Jin. It then revealed a montage of sequences, from Dong Eun screaming, "stop laughing like that," to Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hung) being held back by a group of men.

Ha Do Yeong (Jung Sung II) is also seen furious at Yeon Jin, and Kang Hyeon Name (Yeom Hye Ran) is locked up in jail. The preview ends with Dong Eun saying Yeon Jin's name, whom she wants to kill, and declaring it will be her last letter to her.

"The Glory" Part 2 will be out on March 10.