Amid the rumors that King Charles III wants Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at his coronation in May, Prince William allegedly fears his brother's presence at the event. Aside from stealing the limelight, the Prince of Wales worries that the Duke of Sussex may pull a stunt.

Royal expert Angela Levin believes Prince William will be less welcoming of Prince Harry if he ever gets invited to King Charles' coronation. Not only that, but the biographer herself also thinks that Meghan Markle's husband doesn't deserve to get an invitation after "overstepping the mark of decent behavior."

Kate Middleton's husband is reportedly concerned that his younger sibling would "stage a stunt" to overshadow the crowning. This comes on the heels of the former senior royal's blistering attacks on his eldest brother and the royal family, making several revelations about their private lives and allegations.

One of the most controversial exposés is that the Duke of Cornwall attacked the father-of-two in Kensington Palace. Levin claimed, via Express, that the future king consort felt like the fifth in line to the throne couldn't be trusted and could even "deliberately steal" the attention at the coronation.

Prince William also feared that Prince Harry would use private conversation for another controversial interview. "Who can blame him," she said.

But on the contrary, King Charles reportedly has different thoughts on his youngest son's possible attendance at this important event of his life. His Majesty reportedly asked the Archbishop of Canterbury, who previously announced his admiration for Meghan and her husband, to help negotiate a deal between the couple to encourage his child to go to his coronation.

However, Prince Harry himself seemed uncertain if he would attend the event. In an interview with Tom Bradby, he said the ball is in the monarchy's court, and a lot of things still need to be discussed.

So, what stunts did Prince William fear Prince Harry would do? Mail on Sunday reported that the older prince believed the latter might "do a walkabout."

He allegedly had the same concern a decade ago, during his wedding with Kate. In Prince Harry's memoir, "Spare," he alleged that Prince William didn't choose him as his best man, as he was afraid of the things he was about to say.

Hence, Prince William didn't want to give Prince Harry a best-man speech, thinking giving him a live mic was dangerous if he would "go off script" and fearing that he might say something "wildly inappropriate."