Jessica Simpson surprised everyone when she revealed that she fulfilled her "teenage fantasy" by hooking up with a "massive movie star." So, who's this famous male celebrity?

Simpson made the revelation in a new "short and true story." So, after this revelation broke, many started to make wild guesses.

The 42-year-old dropped some clues as to who the mysterious guy was, and based on those, Page Six claimed it might be Mark Wahlberg.

The singer revealed she met this guy at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards, and she felt like he was already undressing her with his eyes. At the time, she and her now ex-husband, Nick Lachey, was on a break.

He then revealed that the dude was wearing only jeans and a shirt at the event, which perfectly described Wahlbert's outfit at the time. She also said that the unnamed actor knew her trainer.

So as the former rapper is also famous for his workouts, it perfectly fits the description. It's also good to note that Wahlberg was already well-known in 2001, so Simpson might have had a childhood crush on him.

He was famously known as Marky Mark back then, a rapper with his Funky Bunch. He, too, famously posed for a shirtless Calvin Klein ad with Kate Moss in 1992. Come 1996; he worked opposite Reese Witherspoon in the hit movie "Fear."

Meanwhile, after five years, the entrepreneur met this massive movie star again at the Beverly Hills Hotel as he got ready for another big award show. He was texting her throughout the event, but she had already learned that he wasn't single and saw a photo of him with a woman on the red carpet.

"I was never ever in a million years going to be the other woman," she said. However, she admitted that they used to see each other, attending nightclub events together and bonding over the birth of her goddaughter.

She also visited him on the set of his movie, but it made her feel that she was only there for sex. Though there was something "sexy and enticing" about it, it was also demeaning, making her feel like a call girl.

Hence, Simpson didn't care anymore if it was her teenage fantasy that came to life, as it wasn't a choice the same girl, her younger self, would be proud of. But it had left her a valuable life lesson: not betraying her own heart and diminishing her self-worth.