Han So Hee again gets everyone's attention for the food she loves. However, despite being her go-to meal, the sad news is that she can't always have it.

Fans revisited a past interview of So Hee, sharing her favorite food, on "1st Look." At the time, she revealed Ramyun is her go-to meal, but she had to quit eating it every so often because she would gain weight.

The 28-year-old said during the interview that it was already a hundred days since she last ate the noodle. "So, I think my happy days are gone," she continued, per AllKpop.

However, fans saw her posting photos of Ramyun on social media again. Some said she might be really in love with this food, while others felt sorry for her because she couldn't eat what she wanted because of her profession.

One fan even advised her that she couldn't quit eating it and that she just had to hold back until she could have it again.

For starters, it wasn't the first time that fans learned of So Hee's love for Ramyun. In an interview with W Korea in January, the "Nevertheless" star expressed her love for it and that she made sure she would eat it on her flight. She would often say that she didn't need a meal as Ramyun was enough.

Meanwhile, the "My Name" star shared her drunk experience on Instagram, which instantly went viral. She posed snaps with her younger sibling, wearing the same pajamas, eating, sleeping, and playing games for a couple of days.

The post showed a close-up photo of ramen, other food, and their games. In her next set of photos, she said she would never drink again.

So Hee had Jenga blocks trailing on her body while seemingly sleeping while lying on the floor. She was holding her sunglasses with her right hand, looking very drunk.

However, the post didn't just end there. Though some might be confused if it were really the "Soundtrack #1" actress, she bravely gave everyone a glimpse of her wasted self as she was lying freely, looking asleep again, on the ground with her sunglasses on.

A friend then approached So Hee and laid a jacket over her so she wouldn't get cold. Though this image was far from what fans saw of her, they just couldn't help but laugh and admire her transparency.

So Hee will be seen in the upcoming drama "Gyeongseong Creature" with Park Seo Joon.