People closest to Britney Spears reportedly planned an intervention due to her mental health and substance abuse, but the plan failed after the Princess of Pop learned about it. Allegedly, there are fears that the pop giant is about to die.

TMZ reported the claim about Spears' struggles and her family and friends' plan, together with her husband, Sam Asghari. Allegedly, this has something to do with her erratic and volatile behavior.

"I'm afraid she's gonna die," a source said to be in regular contact with the singer told TMZ. A number of insiders who had direct knowledge of the situation also told the publication that people around the mother of two were alarmed by her behavior.

There are claims that she's taking medicines that "hype her up" and she has been "flying off the handle" regularly. Amid all these, she's said to be not taking the medications that help stabilize her.

Hence, sources said that her manager rented a house in Los Angeles, where he, an interventionist, Asghari, and doctors would try to convince her to seek medical help. This place was reportedly rented for several months, and Spears would live there for two months while receiving medical and psychological care.

No one from her family, from her sister Lynne Spears or two sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston Federline, is involved in the intervention.

However, the plan was stalled after the hitmaker became "somewhat aware" of the scheme, resulting in it being changed and the intervention canceled. TMZ tried to know the reason behind the plan's cancellation amid Spears' condition but got no answer.

Instead, it was told the "Hold Me Closer" singer met a doctor, though there were no words if it was a physician or a therapist. The important thing was it "went well."

The news comes on the heels of Spears' claim that she's not ill despite a series of incidents that question her mental health. Last month, she broke the headlines after being filmed getting upset with fans invading her privacy while enjoying a dinner at a restaurant.

Her worrying followers even called the police to perform a wellness check on her after she deleted her Instagram. The cops later confirmed to Page Six that the performer was safe, though they didn't talk about any "mental health issues or anything" close to that matter.

Spears later explained on Instagram that she didn't suffer from any breakdown, saying "it is what it is." She stressed that she would be who she was and she had never felt better, adding her fans went too far with what they did-calling the police.