Selena Gomez is back online after taking a social media hiatus. But after an online drama with Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner, fans think Justine Bieber just shaded his ex with a party favor used at his birthday party shared by guests over the weekend.

The party favor in question was said to be received by the attendees at Justin's 29th birthday. Its inscription said that he was thankful that he didn't end up with what he though he wanted.

With the message, fans couldn't help but think it was a direct hit to the "Only Murders in the Building" star. However, a source told Page Six that the thing in question isn't a party favor but a gift given to the Canadian singer.

The insider also cleared that the writing had nothing to do with the two women's drama. However, fans strongly believed that the message in the object was a direct hit to the "Calm Down" hitmaker.

But others disagreed, claiming it could mean anything and there was no direct proof that it was meant for Gomez.

Meanwhile, as the "Selena + Chef" host returned to social media, she asked people to be kinder. In a makeup tutorial post on TikTok on Sunday, March 5, she said in the comment section that her heart had been heavy amid her alleged drama with Hailey and Jenner.

The Rare Beauty founder thanked and expressed her love for everyone, adding she was deeply grateful for them and for making her unbelievably happy. She then asked them to "please be kinder" and consider others' mental health as she only wanted good for everyone.

The post comes on the heels of the alleged online drama that involved Hailey and Jenner. In an Instagram Story, Gomez joked that she had over-laminated her eyebrows, which they said Hailey and Jenner made fun of when they posted their own brows.

However, the two shut down the claims, with the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" alum writing on TitTok that the drama was reaching. She then cleared that there was no shade toward Gomez, and she didn't see her eyebrow posts and accused the troublemakers they were "making something out of nothing."

Gomez said the same thing and agreed with Jenner's comments, adding it was unnecessary and revealing she was a fan of the social media personality. But things got worse when she commented on an old clip where Hailey gagged, stuck her tongue out, and rolled her eyes when a rapper referenced her best friend, Taylor Swift's album, saying her pal was and continuously "the best in the game."