Fans may see the beginning of a new arc in "Tokyo Revengers" Season 2 Episode 11. Now that the business of the Black Dragon has ended, a new story may finally begin.

The previous episode saw Hina and Takemichi patching things up. So, what will these two's future be in "Tokyo Revengers" Season 2 Episode 11 forward?

Hina's parents agreed to give Takemichi a chance despite his work. Aside from that, fans may see a glimpse of Kisaki Tetta after his betrayal, and his plans didn't come to fruition.

Little did he know Takemichi knew what he did and what he would do in the future. So, could he escape?

That said, "Tokyo Revengers" Season 2 Episode 11 may focus on the events after Kisaki and Hanma betray Takemichi and Chifuyu. They had crossed Toman, and Mikey might do something about it. Hence, fans will see these five, along with Inui, Kokonoi, and Mitsuya, in the next episode.

In "Tokyo Revengers" Season 2 Episode 10, "The Light of My Life," Takemichi was lost for words after what he did that night as she stood before Hina, but the latter only asked him if he got into another fight. Hina couldn't help but confront her father after what he said to Takemichi and defend the latter.

She prayed at the shrine on Christmas night and went to Emma. She then called Draken, asked Takemichi's whereabouts, and told him to find him immediately.

When Takemichi saw Hina, he cried while thinking of the past. He apologized, and she accepted, finally reuniting the two.

Mikey then invited Takemichi for a ride and talked about his family and situation with his grandfather and Emma. They also spoke about Mikey's brother.

Mikey praised Takemichi for being tough-not afraid of the Black Dragon. Mitsuya and Draken recalled their past and how they met.

They even visited Draken's home, which helped the latter to see through Mitsuya and brought him back to reality. From there, Mitsuya interrupted Takemichi's date with Hina and his twin sisters visiting with Hakkai and Yuzuha after the church fight.

The twins managed to steal Hina, while Mitsuya spent some time with Takemichi. Taiju then left the house, leaving Yuzuha and Hakkai together.

Taiju revealed he wanted nothing but for Hakkai to be strong, admitting he couldn't change him. He knew Takemichi did what he couldn't in just one night. From there, they also ran in with Mikey, Draken, Emma, and other Toman captains to celebrate a happy New Year together.

What happens from here can be seen when "Tokyo Revengers" Season 2 Episode 11 drops Saturday, March 18.