Deku now has the help of Class 1-A to bring All for One down. So, can their alliance track the main villain in "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 24?

The previous episode saw Deku having no option but to fight off his closest friends. However, things have changed in "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 24.

Deku will finally work with Class 1-A. He can now count on them to help him track AFO down.

With their team-up, will they now have the chance to win against the villains this time? AFO may likely make the first move, and it's now up to them to stop him.

Fans will also see Bakugo's huge change after his last fight. So, expect him to act a little differently when he's with Deku. However, he will remain the same old Kacchan deep inside.

In addition, Class 1-A will try their best to save Deku from the public's wrath, however difficult it will be in "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 24. Deku is a huge danger to their established secure base.

Despite that, Deku is their only chance to defeat AFO. Uraraka will encourage everyone to keep Deku in the U.A., though it means she has to sacrifice her right and the people's faith in her and her friends.

The professional heroes and instructors will also have something to say in this situation that may upset Deku. So, despite the school's security measures, the students will surely oppose Deku's return when they learn that AFO is following him.

From here, Ochaco will take Deku's hand and assure that she and others will not let him be in "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 24.

Meanwhile, "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 23 saw Deku asking Class 1-A to stay away from him and leave him alone. He even charged his quirk to face them if it meant saving them from AFO's anger.

He used his sixth quirk to create a smokescreen to blind them, jumped out, and left. However, his classmates tried to stop him, convincing him they would fight together.

He broke their traps and tried to leave, but they worked together to restrain him, though to no avail. They then combined all their quirks to match Deku's power.

Bakugo unleashed the final blast while Iida caught and grabbed his arm. Deku told them he didn't want to risk hurting any of his friends. Bakugo talked to him heart-to-heart and apologized for everything that had happened.

Deku collapsed, fell into Bakugo's arms, and finally accepted their friendship. He worked outside the new U.A. barrier and heard everyone's commotion, confused about the heroes' and villains' stand, making him realize a lot of work needed to be done.

What happens from here can be seen when "My Hero Academia" Season 6 Episode 24 drops Saturday, March 18.