"One Punch Man" Chapter 182 may change its course by adding a new group of villains. These people may take the story differently, with Tatsumaki and Saitama facing other enemies.

Sure, Tatsumaki helped Saitama not be hit by Speed-o'-Sound's attack, but it doesn't mean their fight is over. So, what will happen to these two in "One Punch Man" Chapter 182?

Tatsumaki may see the need to end her fight with Saitama, but she's not yet finished with him. In fact, she may drop him into a "crevassed in the ground and seal it up."

Fans will see Tatsumaki facing her sister, Fubuki, though their battle may only be brief. The Blizzard group members are after Fubuki, so they may help her in her fight with Tatsumaki and ask her for forgiveness after leaving them due to their weakness.

They all want Fubuki to stay, so they may do everything in "One Punch Man" Chapter 182 for her to do so. Elsewhere, fans may see a glimpse of Mr. Apollo and his subordinates reaching the hideout after the Tsukuyomi members have been on their way out of A-City for a long while. Hence, the next issue may see more of the group and their connection to God.

Meanwhile, "One Punch Man" Chapter 181 saw Speed-o'-Sonic coming at Saitama, throwing exploding Shurikens at him. He didn't care if he was battling against Tatsumaki, continuing his attack and aiming to get him this time.

But despite his desperation to bring Saitama down, something comical happened when he slipped on some dog poop while being taken out. One of his shurikens even returned to him after Tatsumaki blew the punch out of him.

The chapter continued with its "world-destroying style battle," with Fubuku going outside and looking out for it. She saw the entire landscape covered by tornadoes, as explosions and flying rocks could be seen everywhere. Amid all these, Murata managed to insert a "poop joke," making things more hilarious.

Fans also saw a glimpse of King after a long while of absence. He was trying to get into Saitama's apartment while the Caped Baldy himself just crashed into the door.

King asked him if he wanted to play some games, to which Saitama refused, apologizing and explaining that a "pipsqueak" named Tatsumaki was pissing him off.

What happens from here can be seen when "One Punch Man" Chapter 182 drops Friday, March 23.