All eyes are now on "Boruto" Chapter 79 after the previous issue ended with a major cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering about Kawaki's real condition after the battle. Readers may see Kawaki's side of the story and the damage he has sustained.

A more intense turn of events is expected in "Boruto" Chapter 79. With the disappearances of Naruto and Hinata, it will surely have an impact on both Himawari and Boruto.

It's highly unlikely that Shikamaru will tell the public about Naruto's disappearance to avoid panic in the village. From there, fans may see Boruto and other shinobi create a strategy to stop Kawaki and finally rescue Nuruto and Hinata.

Kawaki has escaped the edge of Sasuke's blade as he makes his way out of the village. This may result in Konoha authorities declaring him a "rogue shinobi."

The blond protagonist's vision may have become a reality in "Boruto" Chapter 79. In Chapter 75, he saw Mitsuki, Sarada, and Shikadai's team surrounding Kawaki in his Isshiki mode through his Jougan.

Elsewhere, Mitsuki is seen in his sage mode, which means his empowered state may be explored in the next installment. Fans may also see if their much-loved hero can take control of his Jougan and if he finally awakens this power permanently.

Meanwhile, "Boruto" Chapter 78 saw Shikamaru finding out that Naruto and Hinata's chakra could no longer be seen in their home, while Kawaki's was still registered there. Eida confirmed Kawaki's activity, making everyone panic.

Boruto rushed to find Kawaki, while Eida used her Senrigan to confirm Kawaki planned to kill Boruto again. Sarada learned that Kawaki tried to kill Boruto, and Shikamaru explained the latter's motives.

Boruto then confronted Kawaki, who revealed he used a jutsu to bring Naruto and Hinata to a place where time had stopped. The two started a fight, with Sarada trying to intervene but to no avail.

She was no match for Kawaki's power, so Boruto ended up saving her instead, resulting in a scar on his right eye. Konohamaru, Shikamaru, Mitsuki, and Sasuke then arrived to join the battle and stop Kawaki.

However, Momoshoki had already taken control of Boruto's body to let Kawaki escape, surprising everyone. Momoshiki told Boruto he had lost his blue eyes, which was just the start of him losing everything. This just showed that the villain's prophecy was coming true, and the time skip was about to come.

"Boruto" Chapter 79 will drop Saturday, March 18.