Kentaro Miura's passing in 2021 created a big hole in the manga industry and the hearts of many, especially after leaving his unfinished epic series "Berserk" behind. Sure, his longtime friend Kouji Mori has taken over the continuation of the manga with Miura's handpicked staff, making fans wonder how the series will end without its original creator.

The Japanese manga world lost a precious gem when Miura, a renowned, skilled, and humbled creator, died. He made a huge name in the dark fantasy genre with his brainchild "Berserk." Without him, fans can't help but ask what the fate of his famous characters, Guts, Griffith, and Casca, will be.

Mori is now overseeing the manga's continuation. And with the recent issues surrounding the new chapters, fans question whether continuing the series without its mangaka is right.

So far, the "Holyland" creator has released seven chapters since he handled the series, and with its unexpected turn of events, which some see differently from what Miura may do, how Guts and the rest of the gang's story will end?

There are a number of ways "Berserk" may end. In fact, Miura repeatedly revealed in interviews that he had no definite plans for how to conclude the series, "writing and doing it as he pleased."

However, he wanted it to have a happy ending. How can that happen? SportsKeeda noted that the Struggler might kill Griffith, save Casca, and avenge his friends.

But if Mori makes it the other way, Guts' struggles may never end. Though he may still end up killing Griffith, it may happen at the cost of becoming the new Skull Knight.

He will be forced to fight against God Hand for eternity, giving Guts' story and goals the closure it needs while establishing him as the Struggle he has been in "Berserk."

About a year after Miura's passing, it was officially announced that the manga would continue with Mori's supervision and the former's handpicked staff. A series of statements published in the publishing company Hakusensha's website confirmed the continuation of the manga using "comments and sketches" Miura made before he died.

Though it might be imperfect, they promised to do their best to "deliver" the manga Miura envisioned as "faithfully as possible." Alternatively, Mori said he would only write chapters that its original creator talked to him about. He knew it wouldn't be as perfect as Miura's, but he believed he could tell the story the latter wanted to tell in "Berserk."