Renowned celebrity hair expert Chris Appleton has officially revealed that he is romantically involved with Hollywood actor Lukas Gage. The confirmation puts an end to the recent speculation that has been swirling around the duo's relationship.

Appleton and Gage decided to open up about their love life and share their happiness with fans and followers. The couple's candidness has garnered much attention and support from their admirers.

In an exclusive interview, Chris Appleton gushed, "Lukas is not only incredibly talented but also has a beautiful heart. I feel truly lucky to have found someone so special." His affectionate words have since been echoed by Lukas Gage, who stated, "Chris has this amazing energy that is so magnetic. It's no wonder everyone he works with loves him."

The couple's romance blossomed after they met through mutual friends and quickly found that they had an undeniable connection. Over the past few weeks, fans had started to notice the pair's chemistry, with many posting about their observations on social media.

One fan shared their excitement by tweeting, "I knew something was up between Chris and Lukas! So happy for them! #relationshipgoals." Another user commented, "I am living for this couple! Can't wait to see more of them together."

Appleton, known for styling the tresses of A-listers like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, has built an impressive career in the beauty industry. Gage, on the other hand, has made a name for himself with appearances in popular TV shows and movies like "Euphoria" and "Love, Victor."

As the couple's romance continues to thrive, fans can't help but express their delight and support for the new power couple. We wish them all the best and look forward to seeing more of their journey together.