"Boruto" Chapter 79 raw scans have leaked, hinting at a major twist in the story. With the unexpected demise of one of the most important characters, everything is about to change.

Warning: The following content contains major "Boruto" Chapter 79 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The new chapter's cover already hints at the intense turn of events. The next issue will pick up where the previous chapter left off, with Boruto holding his eye after sustaining a huge wound after Kawaki's attack.

Shikamaru has declared a search party for Kawaki after Momoshiki helps him escape. Mitsuki joins the hunt, and Boruto asks Sarada to accompany him.

Kawaki erases his chakra to remain hidden, but he eventually exhausts himself. Eida manages to find Kawaki with her Senrigan and makes her way to him alone in "Boruto" Chapter 79.

When they meet, Eida swears her allegiance to him. With his desire to protect Naruto, Kawaki tells her he wants to switch places with Boruto to be the former's son. He wants Boruto to end up as an outsider.

From there, Eida unleashes her true power. She embraces Kawaki and sends out an aura-her God-like power changes history, swapping Boruto and Kawaki's lives.

Boruto has become the enemy for killing Naruto, while Kawaki becomes Naruto's son. By the looks of it, Momoshiki's prophecy about Boruto has now come true in "Boruto" Chapter 79.

Boruto is now Konoha's nemesis, making his vision in Chapter 75 come to life. Mitsuki now considers Boruto the opponent, turning into his Sage mode and attacking the latter.

However, among the characters, Sarada is unaffected by Eida's power. At the end of the chapter, Momoshiki explains the situation to Boruto, who has now become the outsider responsible for Naruto's demise.

Meanwhile, "Boruto" Chapter 78 saw Naruto and Hinata's chakras erased from the Uzumaki house while Kawaki's was still there. Everyone was worried after Eida confirmed Kawaki's actions.

Boruto looked for Kawaki, while Eida saw the talk between Naruto and Kawaki using her Senrigan. Sarada learned Kawaki tried to kill Boruto.

Shikamaru explained the reason behind Kawaki's actions, making Sarada badly want to look after Boruto. Boruto then saw Kawaki, who told the former that he sent Naruto and Hinata to a place where time stopped so they wouldn't grow old and die of hunger.

A fight began, and Kawaki attacked Sarada. Boruto rushed in to save her, resulting in a scar on his eye. Momoshiki then took over Boruto's body and let Kawaki escape. From here, Momoshiki told Boruto he was about to lose everything.

"Boruto" Chapter 79 will be out on Sunday, March 19.