"One Piece" Chapter 1078 spoilers and raw scans have dropped, finally revealing the real traitor-Vegapunk York. That twist comes unexpectedly, with several events happening as the Straw Hats and the other Vegapunks try to escape the island.

Warning: The following content contains major "One Piece" Chapter 1078 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The next issue begins with Stussy talking to Sentomaru, and they both look worried. She seems to have told him about the arrival of Admiral Kizaru's forces, and he will eventually encourage the Egghead citizens to evacuate.

The scene then shifts to Franky's group, with Usopp and Lilith still petrified. A huge explosion follows, and from there, Nico Robin's group is seen.

Robin, Chopper, and Atlas rush to the lab before the scene changes again to Nami's group, holding Edison as Brook transforms into a ghost.

The scene yet again shifts to Luffy and Zoro in "One Piece" Chapter 1078. After that, to Mariejois.
Someone is trying to call the World Government about Vegapunk's search.

Luffy and Lucci find it hard to fight S-Bear. Bonney is crying in front of her father's memories. Gorosei is talking to someone, probably the traitor York.

Several Marines, like Vice Admiral Doll and Admiral Kizaru, will also come to the island. Saint Jaygarcia Saturn of the Gorosei is also with them.

The final scene shows Vegapunk in prison. Shaka is still unconscious or already dead when the shooter approaches Vegapunk.

York will also speak to Vegapunk in "One Piece" Chapter 1078 with a gun in hand, revealing herself as the traitor while explaining her motives to her creator. So, what makes York the traitor?

OtakuKart News noted it might be related to her desire to become a Celestial Dragon. With that reason and her laziness and gluttony sin, the revelation doesn't come as a surprise-though some expect the traitor to be Lilith.

This twist surprises everyone. With the revelation of the traitor and the Straw Hats divided to fight the Seraphim, the arc is now nearing its end.

There are also assumptions that the events happening in this chapter take place a day before something big is about to occur on Egghead Island. What it's going to be?

Fortunately, there's no mention that the next chapter will be on a break, so fans will soon see the famous incident. "One Piece" Chapter 1078 will drop on Sunday, March 19.