In a recent development, Charles Spencer, the brother of the late Princess Diana, has reacted strongly to claims made by former US President Donald Trump in his new book. Trump alleges that Diana, the "Queen of Hearts," once "kissed" him, a statement that has been met with disdain and disbelief by her family and the public alike.

Trump's new book, which delves into various aspects of his life and career, includes a passage in which he recounts an encounter with Princess Diana. According to Trump, the late royal "kissed" him during a visit to the United States. However, this claim has been met with skepticism and outright rejection by Charles Spencer, who has labeled the allegations as "tawdry" and "disrespectful" to his sister's memory.

In a statement to the media, Charles Spencer said, "It is deeply disappointing to see such a claim made about my sister. This is not only disrespectful to her memory but also completely unfounded. I find it hard to believe that she would have engaged in such behavior." He added, "It is my hope that people will see through this tawdry attempt to generate publicity and dismiss these claims for what they are."

Many have questioned the timing of Trump's book release, as well as his motivations for including such a sensational claim about Princess Diana. Critics argue that the former president is simply trying to boost sales and generate headlines by exploiting the memory of the beloved royal.

Trump's claims have also been met with skepticism from the public, with many expressing their disbelief and outrage on social media. One Twitter user wrote, "How dare he make such claims about Princess Diana! She was a woman of grace and dignity, and to suggest otherwise is nothing short of disgraceful."

In addition to Charles Spencer's condemnation, several experts on the British royal family have also weighed in on the controversy. One royal biographer stated, "There is absolutely no evidence to support Trump's claims, and I find it highly unlikely that Diana would have behaved in such a manner. She was a very private and guarded person, particularly when it came to her personal life."

As the controversy surrounding Trump's claims continues to grow, many are questioning the veracity of his account and the appropriateness of including such a story in his book. With the late Princess Diana's brother and others disputing the allegations, it seems that the former president's assertions may do little more than stir up controversy and tarnish his reputation further.