South Korean actress Lim Ji Yeon recently sat down for an interview to discuss her role as the main antagonist Park Yeon Jin in the hit drama "The Glory." She delved into the aftermath of portraying such a challenging character, her bonding experience with the cast, and her determination to make the audience loathe her character.

In an interview, reported by Soompi, Lim Ji Yeon opened up about how playing the main villain affected her, admitting that it was both physically and emotionally draining. She shared that the experience was a valuable learning opportunity for her as an actress, and she pushed herself to deliver a convincing portrayal of the villainous Park Yeon Jin.

"I wanted the world to hate Park Yeon Jin when I portrayed her," Lim Ji Yeon confessed in her interview with Allkpop, emphasizing her commitment to making her character as despicable as possible.

As a testament to her performance, Lim Ji Yeon's portrayal of Park Yeon Jin has been met with rave reviews, with The Korea Times highlighting her exceptional acting skills. She has successfully managed to create a character that viewers love to hate, resulting in a memorable and impactful role in "The Glory."

Despite the intense nature of her character, Lim Ji Yeon revealed that she developed strong bonds with her fellow cast members during the filming of "The Glory." She told Soompi that they became like family, supporting one another and forming lasting friendships.

"The cast and crew were so good to me that I was able to immerse myself in the character without any concerns. We became best friends," she shared.

In her interview, Lim Ji Yeon discussed the support she received from her co-stars, particularly praising Song Kang and Park Hyung Sik. She expressed her gratitude for their encouragement, which helped her navigate the complexities of her character and deliver a stellar performance.

"We were able to lean on each other and share our concerns about acting," she said.

Lim Ji Yeon's performance as Park Yeon Jin in "The Glory" has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on audiences. Her dedication to embracing the villainous role and her ability to form close friendships with her co-stars despite the challenges she faced on set are a testament to her talent and professionalism. As she continues her acting career, fans can look forward to seeing what other incredible roles Lim Ji Yeon will take on in the future.