Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow on Monday for a pivotal meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. This first visit by Xi to Russia since the start of Putin's war on Ukraine has attracted global attention and raised concerns about the deepening ties between the two nations.

The meeting between the two leaders comes at a critical time, as the war in Ukraine has intensified, and Western countries have imposed harsh sanctions on Russia. According to CNBC, the international community is closely monitoring the summit, as China has become one of Russia's few remaining allies in the face of widespread condemnation and economic isolation.

During their meeting, Xi and Putin are expected to discuss various topics, including bilateral relations, regional and international issues, and cooperation in the fields of energy, trade, and technology. CNN reports that the visit may lead to new agreements between the two countries in sectors like agriculture, infrastructure, and finance.

In a statement quoted by MarketWatch, China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that the meeting would "inject new impetus into the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era and contribute positive energy to the international community." However, some experts speculate that the visit could also be a show of support for Russia amid the Ukraine crisis.

The relationship between China and Russia has significantly strengthened in recent years, with the two nations forming a strategic alliance against what they perceive as Western hegemony. This partnership has raised concerns among Western countries, who fear that a stronger alliance between Beijing and Moscow could further destabilize the global balance of power.

As the Ukraine conflict continues to escalate, the outcome of the meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin may have far-reaching implications for the international community. With the world watching closely, it remains to be seen how the alliance between China and Russia will evolve and what impact it may have on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.