The openness of Prince Harry about his past drug use has sparked a debate among legal experts about the potential impact on his right to reside in the United States. Some believe his honesty could jeopardize his visa, while others maintain that he will face no issues unless he ends up in legal trouble.

Former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani claims that the Duke of Sussex's visa should have been denied or revoked due to his admissions of cocaine, mushroom, and other drug use. Rahmani, president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, emphasizes that there is no exception for royalty or recreational use.

In his memoir "Spare," Prince Harry disclosed his history of heavy drinking, cocaine use, and marijuana smoking. He also admitted to experimenting with psychedelics as an adult, considering them a "fundamental" part of his life.

Attorney James Leonard, who has represented Joe Giudice from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," disagrees with Rahmani's assessment of Harry's visa situation. Leonard asserts that unless Prince Harry faces criminal charges or a judge deems him a habitual drug user, the disclosures in his memoir should not impact his US residence status.

Sam Adair, an immigration lawyer with over 20 years of experience, concurs with Leonard, stating it is "unlikely that these admissions will present a problem." Adair suggests that a conviction would be a more significant concern in securing a visa, and recreational drug use without criminal scrutiny is unlikely to pose a problem for an individual's visa status.

However, Rahmani insists that a conviction is not necessary for a drug offense, suggesting that a waiver as evidence of remission from substance abuse could be a loophole for drug users seeking to stay in the US.

While the discussions continue, it remains uncertain whether Prince Harry's past drug use will have any bearing on his visa status. The Duke of Sussex moved to California with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their son, Archie, in early 2020 after stepping back from the royal family.

Attendance at King Charles' Coronation: Tension Continues, But Still Possible 

As the United Kingdom prepares for the coronation of King Charles, there are growing speculations that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, will not be present on the royal balcony during the event. The couple's strained relationship with the royal family has led to doubts about their participation in the historic occasion.

The presence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at King Charles' coronation has the potential to make the event an unmissable television spectacle, according to royal commentator and US journalist Meredith Clark. In an opinion piece for the Independent, Clark argued that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could leverage their popularity to attract millions of viewers, elevating the coronation from a standard royal affair to a must-see event.

Clark believes that if Harry and Meghan were to attend the historic event, their presence would not only signal the family's reconciliation but also showcase their ability to captivate audiences. She noted that the couple's public displays of affection continue even during challenging times, such as after their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

If they decide to attend the coronation, Clark suggests that the Sussexes may opt to demonstrate their support and love for each other through small gestures, particularly if they face a less-than-welcoming reception. A recent Censuswide survey of 2,014 UK residents revealed mixed opinions on the couple's potential attendance: 21% felt their presence might dampen enthusiasm, while 29% said they would be more inclined to watch the event if the Sussexes were present.