Even weeks after The Glory Part 2 dropped on Netflix, fans are still discussing the major plot twist. Viewers have discovered that the character Jeon Jae Jun's death had been foreshadowed all along, through hidden clues and easter eggs planted throughout the series.

One of the key clues is related to Jeon Jae Jun's eyesight. The character suffers from color blindness and relies on eye drops. In a later scene, the villain Moon Dong Eun and her ally Choi Hye Jeong contaminate Jeon Jae Jun's eye drop, causing him to lose his sight. This eventually leads to his death.

Fans also noticed a scene in which Ha Do Young eats a triangular kimbap, with two snack packets behind him named "Cajun" and "Nun Eul Gam Ja," which can be translated to "Let's close your eyes" in English. Some fans believe that "Cajun" sounds like "K. Joon" when written in Korean and is a reference to "Kill Joon."

Another foreshadowing detail is seen in a construction site scene where Jeon Jae Jun walks across a sign that reads, "You will die if you fall!"

Fans have been commending the writers and director of The Glory Part 2 for paying attention to small details and intentionally planting clues that hint at Jeon Jae Jun's demise.

These hidden clues have left fans in awe and have demonstrated the importance of paying attention to the smallest details while watching a show or movie.